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In the latest news from Exalux this month, Dimlite, the DIY dimmer, the new Flexx LED ribbon collection, new add-ons for the Rock Wide, a new DMX wireless kit at Maluna Lighting and the next rendez-vous.

Dimlite : the "Do It Yourself" dimmer
Dimlite is a new range of dimmers for constant voltage LED sources, such as LED ribbon. They have been designed in a "Do It Yourself" spirit and are perfect for driving ezLED flexible LED boards. They have no housing and can be integrated easily and discreetly into film sets, objects to be illuminated or customized light boxes.
Dimlite ONE DMX is a single-channel version perfect for driving up to 96W LED ribbons. It is equipped with a DMX decoder.
Dimlite DL2X2A is a two-channel version for controlling bi-colour LED sources up to 48W per channel at 24VDC. The output levels can be adjusted from 0 to 100% using push-buttons.
Both dimmers are compatible with input voltages from 12VDC to 24VDC and are "flicker free" (PWM at 32Khz).

Dimlite One DMX
Dimlite 2x2

Flexx LED ribbon new collection
We extend our Flexx range of LED ribbons with 3 new references :
- Flexx Tape12-RGBW32 : four-color version red + green + blue + white 3200K a pastel shade lighting
- Flexx Tape10-RGB : tri-colour version red + green + blue
- Flexx Tape10-TWHD : high-density version 240 LED/m bi-colour 2 700K-6 500K allowing to position a diffuser closer to sources and minimize light impacts.

Flexx Tape 12-RGBW32
Flexx Tape 10-RGB
Flexx Tape 10-TWHD

New add-ons for the Rock Wide
You can now on use the 30X60 Rock Wide LED panel either horizontally or vertically thanks to a new accessory : a plate with a 28mm receiver that you can attach to the back of the panel. It is compatible with most ball heads available on the market.
Two new all-terrain bags are now available. Very functional and very robust, they allow to carry either a Rock Classic panel or a Rock Wide panel with all its accessories, including the tripod.

Panneau Rock Wide et sa lyre
Sacoche de Rock Wide

DMX wireless : new kit at Maluna
A new DMX wireless kit is now available at Maluna Lighting.
The kit consists of a LumenRadio TX100 transmitter, two RX100 receivers and a complete set of accessories for battery and power supply.
As a reminder, the TX100 and RX100 are based on LumenRadio technology. They allow to transmit a DMX signal over a very long distance (up to 500 m in urban and 1 km free field) without latency and with high reliability.

Kit DMX sans fil

- Prolight & Sound
Find our products at the Lightequip booth at Prolight & Sound in Frankfurt (Germany), and you can meet Florent on the 04 and 05 April.

- Films et Compagnies
From 30 May to 1 June 2017, Exalux will be present at the Innovation Village of the 3rd Films et Compagnies Film Festival at La Baule (France).