Thierry Arbogast, AFC, and Eric Guichard, AFC, speak about their work with the Sony Venice

par Sony France La Lettre AFC n°301

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Sony met the directors of photography Thierry Arbogast, AFC, and Eric Guichard, AFC. In two filmed interviews, they speak about their recent work, shot with the Sony Venice camera.

DoP Portrait - Thierry Arbogast, AFC
Multi-award–winning French cinematographer Thierry Arbogast, AFC, best known for his work with director Luc Besson, talks about his career. After working for successful movies such as Léon : The Professional, The Fifth Element or Lucy , he shares with us his experience on his latest shooting with Sony Venice.

DoP Portrait – Eric Guichard, AFC
César winner cinematographer Eric Guichard, AFC talks about his career as well as behind the scene info about his new film, Donne-moi des ailes shot on Sony Venice, from Nicolas Vanier, that will be released on October the 9th 2019.