Three new active members

for the AFC

AFC newsletter n°139

[ English ] [ français ]

  • Yves Lafaye by Gérard de Battista
    A newcomer with considerable experience; a bundle of films under his belt... lots of happiness, open-mindedness and inspiration in his lighting. AFC members who have worked with him have long been waiting for him to join us...
    He graduated with the class of 1965-67 at Louis-Lumière (along with François Catonné and Etienne Fauduet) and has worked on numerous films as Director of Photography, among which : Vipère au poing (Philippe de Broca), Sale rêveur (Jean-Marie Périer), Les Doigts dans la tête (Jacques Doillon), Le Jeu avec le feu (Alain Robbe-Grillet)... (He has promised to update his filmography and put it on our website).
    I was his cameraman on Jacques Doillon’s Un sac de billes and I learned a lot about lighting films during that shoot. Something he said stuck in my mind: it reveals a lot about him and will delight anyone who is fond of back lighting : “You light it as you feel it, and when you think you’re ready, you cut the front light and shoot...”
    Welcome, Yves !
  • Pascal Poucet by Robert Alazraki and Christophe Beaucarne

Pascal is a long-time friend. We worked together as photographers in the seventies, in London, Avignon and Aix-en-Provence.
He was manager of a cinema in Aix and then went on to manage a production company, again in Aix, learning our craft in an unusual way as he went along. Three cheers for diversity.
He obviously has all the necessary skills to be part of our group. Christophe Beaucarne and I are very happy to introduce him. (Robert Alazraki)

I am very happy to welcome Pascal Poucet. He’s the kind of research worker who has managed to investigate everything connected with capturing images... firstly through photography with a reflex camera, then through documentaries and finally with fiction. He showed me all his experiments when I was a kid, his pictures, his documentaries...
And it could well be thanks to Pascalou - and thanks to Robert Alazraki - that I knew which photographic style I wanted to use to express myself. As it happens, our first shared experience was musical. He was playing the guitar; I was five years old and I was singing... both of us were involved in sound before moving on to images! When I bumped into him again at GTC a couple of months ago, I thought back to our handsome musical partnership, which has now taken on a photographic dimension thanks to the AFC.
Welcome Pascalou. (Christophe Beaucarne)

(Translated from French by Moira Tulloch)