Two Pictures a Day in Amman

Semaine 8

by Gilles Porte AFC newsletter n°245

[English] [français]

Gilles Porte, AFC, et Samuel Lahu, son assistant opérateur, sont actuellement en tournage en Jordanie. Ils se sont accordés pour nous envoyer chaque jour deux extraits du journal en images qu’ils tiennent quotidiennement sur le film 3000 Nights, réalisé par Mai Masri. Prenez connaissance des images prises lors de leur huitième semaine à Amman.
Solitude of the prop man...
This is not a lost soldier, but rather Anas, our new props master – at sunrise – before a night-time combat scene between Palestinian prisoners and Israeli soldiers… (Gilles, July Wednesday 16)

Zarqa. Maisa and Hana before the clap
Maisa et Hana deep in concentration, just a few seconds before the clap. At the other end of the hallway smoke machines, a dozen soldiers armed with batons and about twenty over excited female prisoner extras are waiting for them for a riot scene. We’ve been setting this scene up for three hours, Hana will close the scene in tears. (Samuel, July Wednesday 16)

Day off 1: Wadi Rum Desert...
I do not know whether Fares (6) will be a musician but Ali (14), his brother, is already a great artist! (Gilles, July Thursday 17)

Amman. Day off
Return to the “Square de Paris” on Weibdeh Hill, where our apartment is located. (Samuel, July Thursday 17)

Day off: Wadi Rum Desert...
No comment... (Gilles, July Friday 18)

Amman. Day off, and laundry day...
Day off, laundry day, I’m watching the clothes dry as I reflect upon the past week. (Samuel, July Friday 18)

Samuel in the beam...
It is 3:15 p.m… Samuel and I now know the precise location of natural light at any given minute in each square centimetre of section 32 of our prison… (Gilles, July Saturday 19)

Zarqa. Maisa and Farid
Infirmary set, Maisa and Farid. From now on, the child’s double is a bear. The scene, serious and intimate, is becoming a bit bizarre when seen from the side. (Samuel, July Saturday 19)

Nada, 2e assistante réalisatrice...[en]Nada, 2nd assistant director...
“American Style”, Nada never sets foot on set but is managing a shooting schedule that is becoming ever more complicated… The contents of our call sheets change in the early morning as we begin our days, meaning that we have to call actors at 6 a.m. to ask them to come even though they weren’t scheduled… I meet Nada every day during the lunch break with grimaces that anticipate (or conclude) of our discussions… iPhone (Gilles, July Sunday 20)

DMH room
Dressing-Make-up-Hair room. Laura, Bill the new hairdresser, and Maisa under the watchful eye of former king Hussein. (Samuel, July Sunday 20)

Hannah is 21 years old and is playing the role of Fida, a Palestinian prisoner, in her mother, Mai’s film… She was 18 years old when she chose to get a tattoo… In 3000 Nights, Fida will proudly show off her tattoo to Layal… (Gilles, July Monday 21)

Zarqa. Infirmary set
Third infirmary day. “Party girl”, Faadi and Maisa. (Samuel, July Monday 21)

Ext. prison gates. Day
153. Ext. prison gates. Day
Five years later, the prison doors slowly open. Layal stands behind them, carrying a bag.
She looks much older, but the spirit is still strong in her, intact, unbeaten.

D-Day for Layal...
3 days until our official release from prison...
4 days until the end of the film:
Sunday, 27 July – last day of shooting – I will be in Layal’s car on a little road … blocked by a check point!
How many days left until the end of this blockade, which has been condemned by the international community for 7 years now?
How many days left until pathways and bridges replace a wall that has been condemned by the General Assembly of the United Nations and the International Court of Justice since 21 October 2003? iPhone (Gilles, July Tuesday 22)

Zarqa. Last scene
We have a travelling shot and a Panther for the occasion! It’s only the second time during the entire project. (Samuel, July Tuesday 22)

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