You Love DMG Dash™ – But What Can You Create With Eight ?

par Rosco / DMG Contre-Champ AFC n°346

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The DMG Dash Octa Kit includes eight DMG Dash W/ CRMX fixtures, eight sets of beam shaping & mounting accessories, and two LINK4 adaptors in a rolling, durable, charging case. The DMG Dash Octa Kit enables filmmakers to deploy their DMG Dash lights in a variety of setups, and then efficiently charge up to eight fixtures once their project has wrapped.

Everything in the kit ships inside a heavy-duty charging case that can recharge all eight DMG Dash fixtures at the same time in under 3 hours.

Watch this video to find out what Rosco’s new DMG Dash Octa Kit is capable of !

“The lights inside the DMG Dash Octa Kit were incredibly flexible. The kit was so well organized that it was easy to spot if anything was missing, and easy to charge all of the lights for the next day.”
Cinematographer Sarah Whelden.