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Cinematographer Eric Gautier, AFC, discusses his work on Xavier Giannnoli’s film “The Apparition”
Filming the invisible, by François Reumont on behalf of the AFC

Eric Gautier, AFC, answers a question regarding the potential paradox of filming a movie about a hypothetical apparition by the Virgin Mary with a smile and a recollection about the beginning of his adventure with Xavier Giannoli: “It’s a bit of a challenge to film the mystery of faith. The love of God is like any sort of love: there is no tangible proof, just the gift of oneself. Sincerity (and lies, like in other of Giannoli’s films) is at the heart of the story. The loneliness of the two characters, Jacques (Vincent Landon) and Anna (Galatea Bellugi) is the spark that sets the story in motion.”
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