AFC-related activities 

Marcel Zyskind, DFF, talks about his work on Viggo Mortensen’s "The Dead Don’t Hurt"

For his second film as a director, actor Viggo Mortensen tells a love story hindered by the Civil War. He stars alongside Vicky Krieps, in an atmosphere that blends classic and modern Western elements. Enhanced by intertwining editing of different time lines, and stunning cinematography by Marcel Zyskind, DFF, the film was shot on locations across Mexico & Canada. It’s presented out of competition during a special screening at Camerimage. (FR)

Rémy Chevrin, AFC, looks back on the shooting of Christophe Honoré’s "Winter Boy"

Christophe Honoré and Rémy Chevrin, AFC, are one of the most emblematic director/cinematographer couples in French "cinéma d’auteur". They have already shot nine films together and their faithful collaboration has been going strong since Seventeen Times Cécile Cassard, 24 years ago. Their next feature has already been wrapped and scheduled for release in spring 2024. Last year, they released Winter Boy, a film for which young actor Paul Kircher won the award for Best Actor at the San Sebastian Festival. A look back on the photographic challenges of this adolescent drama with the cinematographer who was selected out-of-competition at Camerimage 2023 in the Contemporary World Cinema section. (FR)

Technical stuff 

Angénieux at IBC, September 15 to 18, 2023

Angénieux is pleased to announce the introduction of the new EZ 3 multi-format zoom lens in collaboration with its long-time partners Band Pro Film & Digital, Inc and Jebsen Consumer Products Co Ltd.

Mathieu Plainfossé, AFC, "Going Elsewhere"

Just after the 39-45 war, Mathieu Plainfossé’s architect great-grandfather, inspired by the faith of the pioneers, set about rebuilding the town of Saint Malo, which had been almost destroyed by American bombing raids. It was a mammoth task that lasted more than 15 years, and which he oversaw with talent and perseverance. As for his grandfather, a renowned equestrian veterinarian, he had operated on nothing less than the Queen of England’s racehorses and those of the Aga Khan in his famous Grosbois clinic, using a technique invented by him. Remarkable men of whom he could later be proud.

You Love DMG Dash™ – But What Can You Create With Eight?

The DMG Dash Octa Kit includes eight DMG Dash W/ CRMX fixtures, eight sets of beam shaping & mounting accessories, and two LINK4 adaptors in a rolling, durable, charging case. The DMG Dash Octa Kit enables filmmakers to deploy their DMG Dash lights in a variety of setups, and then efficiently charge up to eight fixtures once their project has wrapped.

On Screen 

Professional life 

Death of cinematographer Romain Winding, AFC (1951-2023)

With the death of cinematographer Romain Winding on Thursday 20th July 2023, the AFC has lost one of its most lovable members. He passed away at the age of 71 at his house in Chambonas (Ardèche, France). Over the course of nearly 30 years, Romain shot, with elegance, sensitivity and simplicity, around sixty feature films and made-for-television movies. Here, we retrace his steps.

Cinematographer Romain Winding, AFC, has passed away

We were deeply saddened to learn of the death of cinematographer Romain Winding, AFC, on 20 July 2023 at the age of 71, following a long battle with illness. He passed away in his home in the Ardèche where he had been living for several years. We will remember him as a delicate, discreet, precise and elegant person whose talent shone in over sixty feature films and made-for-TV movies that he shot.


A real-life conference on virtual production

This article to download below is a report on the "Visual Media Lab Conference" and on the activities of the Imago Technical Committee (ITC) on this occasion. You will find links to the speakers’ recordings. The article which features a selection of the most important presentations is dedicated to all those who work or will work in the field of virtual production and/or who teach.

Death of Bill Butler, ASC (1921-2023)

Bill Butler, who passed away two days before his 102nd birthday, was of the same generation as his colleagues William Fraker or Haskell Wexler and was hardly older than Conrad Hall. He was born Wilmer C. Butler on 7 April 1921 in Colorado. He began cinematography later in life (he was already 47 years old when he shot The Rain People, by Francis Ford Coppola in 1968), but Bill Butler left his mark on several films that remain hallmarks of a certain American cinema of the 1970s: The Conversation, Jaws, Grease, Rocky II (and III and IV). But he was careful not to allow himself to get locked into a specific genre or style, and he veered into commercial productions, which were better able to anonymize his talent.

About the shooting of "Athena", a film by Romain Gavras

Summer day 2022, hardly anyone on Parc aux Lièvres Square in Evry. These projects were supposed to be pulled down 5 years ago already, and the residents are leaving progressively. Some satellite dishes and bicycles on the balconies are signs that some indomitable locals persist, though they will soon be dispelled by bulldozers.

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Shooting “Cerf volant du bout du monde” with Pierre Lhomme, assistant cameraman, kneeling center - Personal Archives of Pierre Lhomme Lhomme
Shooting “Cerf volant du bout du monde” with Pierre Lhomme, assistant cameraman, kneeling center
Personal Archives of Pierre Lhomme Lhomme
Pierre Lhomme, from Sidney Bechet to the "Light of God" In Pierre Lhomme

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Paris Images Online 2022, case study "Notre Dame On Fire" In AFC-related activities

Quotation of the month

Si la machine, grâce à sa prodigieuse fécondité, assemblait des myriades de mots ou de lignes jusqu’au moment où la combinaison de quelques-uns de ces mots ou de ces lignes formerait un poème ou un dessin, le résultat serait le produit du hasard et non du génie. La machine n’aura jamais l’inspiration, l’intuition soudaine ou l’une de ces brusques illuminations intellectuelles qui restent le privilège de la pensée humaine.

René Clair, "Le cinéma inanimé", Cinéma d’hier, cinéma d’aujourd’hui, Gallimard, 1970

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