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Voodoo at the boarding school

In his latest film Bertrand Bonello juggles genres and eras between ethnological documentary, historical recreation and fiction. On the one side it depicts female teenage life at a boarding school and on the other a history of Voodoo practices and slavery in Haïti. Yves Cape, AFC, SBC, lensed this unusual film in competition at the Quinzaine des réalisateurs (Directors Fortnight). (FR)


By choosing to make a screen adaptation of Franz Jägerstätter’s letters from prison (he was a young Austrian peasant and conscientious objector against Nazism), the director of Days of Heaven has delivered another three-hour-long film about activism and loyalty in which the editing forms the work itself.

The Bartender is at the End of the Tunnel

As part of the eclectic selection in the Directors’ Fortnight this year, festivalgoers were able to discover a strange American film by Babak Anvari (Américano-iranien director) in which the fantastic cyclically appears in a rather classic plot centred on a love triangle. In the end, the mix isn’t always well-proportioned between the jumpy moments and the relationship falling apart in an apartment – New Orleans style – full of alcohol and giant cockroaches. British cinematographer Kit Frasier signed off on the visuals of this film, which follows the main character’s inexorable downward spiral. This is a Netflix film, and will soon be released on their platform. (FR)

Technical stuff

Video and comments on tests of the Fujifilm XT-3 camera body

Following up on the article published on our website about the tests of the Fujifilm XT-3 camera body with the new Fujinon MK 18-55mm and MK 50-135mm lenses, Eric Guichard, AFC, and I would like to share the video of these tests followed by my comments. As a reminder, they were presented at the CST Pavillion at this year’s Cannes Film Festival.

On Screen

The 2019 Cannes Festival interviews

During the 72nd Cannes Film Festival, we have published 33 written or video interviews in French and 14 in English, in which directors of photography speak about their work on the selected movies. Here are the links allowing you to read or watch each of them.

Professional life

Death of director of photography Bruno de Keyzer, BSC

We were saddened to learn of the news of the death of our colleague Bruno de Keyzer, BSC, which occurred on Tuesday, 25 June 2019 at Villerville (Calvados - France), in his seventieth year of life. Lively, charming and talented, during his thirty-five-year-long career in France and the UK, he worked with directors such as Mark Peploe, Arturo Ripstein, Jerry Schatzberg and Bertrand Tavernier, for whom he shot six films.

The Gaze(s) of Agnès Varda, gleaner of images

Like the cat Zgougou, mascot immortalized by the logo of Ciné-Tamaris, Agnès Varda had several lives – photographer, filmmaker, documentarian, visual artist –, constantly blurring the lines between fiction and documentary, reality and imaginary, poetry and activism, a gaze focused on others and introspection.

Nothing Stopped Agnès Varda

The poster of the Cannes Film Festival 2019 is sublime. It is a wonderful tribute that summarizes everything about Agnès Varda. Nothing stops Agnès Varda from shooting a take, nothing is impossible, her small size will not stop her from reaching the high viewfinder of her camera. The image comes from the shooting of her first feature, La Pointe courte, shot at Sète in 1954 while she was the photographer of Jean Vilar’s TNP.


"Angenieux and Cinema, from Light to Image"

For quite some time, Angénieux has been thinking of doing a book to trace the incredible rise of the Angénieux brand, since the creation of the company in 1935. The dream has actually come true and the 270-page book with a French and an English edition will be previewed at NAB2019 before its international release in bookstores.

A Page has Turned

It is with a pang in my heart that in late June 2018, I will hear for the last time the continuous purring of the AFC’s printer carrying out the task that was assigned to it for the last quarter century. Namely, the reproduction of nearly three hundred copies of the AFC’s monthly Newsletter. Indeed, in the name of prudent cost-saving measures, and with a few rare exceptions that will confirm the rule, the Newsletter will only be available in PDF format, which each recipient will be able to print out if need be.

About the questioning of the European Commission lighting directive

The association of lighting designers (ALD) alerted the profession against a possible revision of the European Community lighting directive to the entertainment (Scenic, event, film and TV). I signed the petition from the ALD and I participated in the European Union survey to defend the LEDs and tungsten lighting technologies. Imago asked me for my opinion on the question. And here is what I replied.

A random picture

Comment rentrer une caméra dans une caravane…
In Venise n’est pas en Italie

A random video

Quotation of the month

La scène semble avoir été créée pour elle, en noir et blanc. Cette photo-là, elle ne la prendra pas. Où sont-ils, que sont-ils devenus, d’ailleurs, tous ces clichés pris chaque jour pendant ces dizaines d’années, par milliers, par dizaines de milliers ? Elle n’en a pas vu beaucoup. Tout dort dans des boîtes, des cartons, des valises, au fond d’un garde-meuble qu’elle ne peut plus payer depuis des années, dont elle a oublié l’adresse. Tout a été jeté, vendu ? C’est sans importance, maintenant. C’est le passé. Un temps d’avant dont quelques fragments épars surnagent peut-être dans l’océan enténébré d’une mémoire oscillante, fugitivement embrasés, par instants, comme sous le faisceau d’un phare à éclats. Ses doigts raides, engourdis, ne presseront plus jamais le déclencheur, ses yeux fatigués ne feront plus la mise au point, ils ne chercheront plus le cadrage, la composition, l’éclairage, le sujet, le détail, l’instant parfait qu’il faut saisir avant qu’il ne disparaisse.

Gaëlle Josse, Une femme en contre-jour, Editions Notabilia, 2019 - Portrait de la photographe Vivian Maier

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