AFC-related activities

Detailled Report of our Visit to FilmLight

Quentin Bourdin, assistant cameraman, DIT and colour timer, a graduate of the Ecole nationale supérieure Louis-Lumière, accompanied the AFC cinematographers to London for a day of training and discussion around images and the expectations of contemporary colour timing. It was the opportunity to discover Baselight and its colour timing tools. He offers us a detailed report of the trip.

Inaugural visit to Leitz Park, in Wetzlar, Germany

From 15-17 June 2018, Leica Camera AG celebrated the opening of the new Leitz Park, in Wetzlar (Germany) with many guests from the region and around the world. Gilles Porte and Vincent Jeannot represented the AFC, which was invited to attend, and here they recount their visit to the new complex, which is an important centre for the lens industry, combining research, art, and culture.

Editorial — June 2018 Newsletter

Dear Thierry Frémeaux, Dear Pierre Lescure, I wish to personally thank you for having made a little bit of room for me on the steps of your immense red carpet during a time of the year when Cannes becomes many peoples’ centre of gravity. Thierry, I hope that I didn’t ruffle your feathers when you mentioned Lyon’s football team to me at the top of the steps. Although I hail from Lyon, I have been a supporter of Saint-Etienne for years now and began supporting them even before I’d noticed that the colour of their jerseys was the same colour regularly used in the Seventh Art for chroma keying.

Technical stuff

A Full Frame and Anamorphic IBC for Angénieux

At IBC this year, Angenieux had shown the New Optimo Ultra 12x Multi Format lens and the already popular Type EZ series, both for S35 & Full Frame cameras. After the success of the Optimo 44-440 A2S lens, Angénieux had also presented, for the first time in Europe, the Optimo 42-420 A2S Long Range Anamorphic lens for the High End Production market.

ACS France’s latest news

In the news fromACS France, our new website is online; Mission impossible: Fallout, directed by Christopher McQuarrie and photographed by Rob Hardy, is still screening; Renegades, directed by Steven Quale and photographed by Brian Pearson, is released the 29th of August 2018; and L’amour est une fête, directed by Cédric Anger and photographed by Thomas Hardmeier, AFC, will be released on the 19th of September 2018.

On Screen

Overview of the 2017-2018 Season of the Conservatoire des techniques de la Cinémathèque Française

For the second year in a row, Laurent Mannoni invited the AFC to attend the last meeting of the 2017-2018 season of the Scientific Council of the Conservatoire des techniques de la Cinémathèque française. The meeting took place in the storage rooms at Bercy, and there, the eleven “extra-mural” members in attendance were told about the current season’s conferences, recent acquisitions and gifts to the collection, and the schedule of upcoming conferences.

Professional life

Death of Cinematographer Edmond Richard, AFC

We were saddened to learn of the death of Cinematographer Edmond Richard, AFC, which occurred in Paris on 5 June 2018 at the age of 91. Having shot over fifty films, Edmond Richard shared the visual universes of directors as varied as Marcel Carné, René Clément, Henri Verneuil, Jean Girault, Guy Casaril, Sébastien Japrisot, Robert Hossein, Gérad Pirès, and Orson Welles, Luis Buñuel and Jean-Pierre Mocky, whose faithful partner he was on over twenty films.

"Vermeer" or "Magic Müller"

Although it was a bit cliché, he was known as Vermeer because he is Dutch or as Magic Müller because his lighting had the magic of the Master of Delft.

Cinematographer Robby Müller, NSC, passes away

Recognized for his work on films directed by Wim Wenders, Jim Jarmusch, and Lars von Trier, inter alia, in which the technical aspect was dissimulated behind the rhythm and grace of his camera movements and the expressive use he made of natural light and colour, Dutch cinematographer Robby Müller, NSC, passed away in Amsterdam on Tuesday, 3 July 2018, at the age of seventy-eight. Agnès Godard, AFC, who was his assistant on Paris, Texas, eulogizes below.


A Page has Turned

It is with a pang in my heart that in late June 2018, I will hear for the last time the continuous purring of the AFC’s printer carrying out the task that was assigned to it for the last quarter century. Namely, the reproduction of nearly three hundred copies of the AFC’s monthly Newsletter. Indeed, in the name of prudent cost-saving measures, and with a few rare exceptions that will confirm the rule, the Newsletter will only be available in PDF format, which each recipient will be able to print out if need be.

About the questioning of the European Commission lighting directive

The association of lighting designers (ALD) alerted the profession against a possible revision of the European Community lighting directive to the entertainment (Scenic, event, film and TV). I signed the petition from the ALD and I participated in the European Union survey to defend the LEDs and tungsten lighting technologies. Imago asked me for my opinion on the question. And here is what I replied.

Kazuo Miyagawa (1908 -1999)

In honour of the Kazuo Miyagawa retrospective, which is being held at the MoMA in New York from 12-29 April 2018, and the Kenji Mizoguchi retrospective (Miyagawa filmed many of his movies) taking place at the Cinémathèque Française through 15 April 2018, Marc Salomon, consulting member of the AFC, offers us the opportunity to look back on the career of this Japanese cinematographer.

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13 mai 23h25
Photos © Jérôme Prébois

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"What’s changed in cinema... ?", conversation with Stephen Goldblatt, ASC In Camerimage 2014

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La première lumière a projeté la première ombre.

Grant Morrison, Supergods

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