AFC-related activities 

New AFC Cinematographer’s Guidelines 2023

Over the years, the exercise of directing and cinematography in film has evolved considerably. New tools and new media for image capture and delivery, have spurred us to redefine our profession, in order to clarify our responsibilities and commitments with respect to directors, producers, broadcasters, as well as the crews we work with.

Opening of AFC Micro Salon 2023 registration

The AFC Micro Salon will be held for the 23rd time in the Hall de la Pinède du Parc Floral de Paris, on Thursday, 9th February (10:00-21:00) and Friday, 10 February (10:00-18:00). Once again, this year’s Micro Salon will be combined with the AFC Postproduction Days. Registration is now open and we request that attendees if possible print their named admission badges before the event.

Renato Berta, AFC, hails the legacy of Jean-Marie Straub

The cinema of Jean-Marie Straub and his companion Danièle Huillet was a radical and demanding body of work. Since their Chronicle of Anna Magdalena Bach (1967), which was a rigorous portrait of the Leipzig cantor’s wife, the filmmaking couple never stopped exploring literature, theater, music and poetry. Renato Berta, AFC, was one of their longest-standing collaborators, and he filmed over a dozen of their movies. He reflects with us upon this unique cinema experience. (FR)

Technical stuff 

The Louma, the first remote-controlled crane head in the history of cinema

Just as the Cinémathèque française is honoring Jean-Marie Lavalou, François Reumont, in this article, updates the terms he used to trace the Louma’s history in his Grip’s Guide to Filming (Guide Machinerie de la prise de vues), published in 2004 by Editions Dujarric (preface by Jean-Marie Lavalou and Alain Masseron). The text is followed by an interview published in 2005 in Le Technicien du film following the Academy Award of Merit given in Los Angeles, by a more personal contribution by the author, and by the aforementioned preface.

On Screen 

Cinematographer Thomas Favel, AFC, discusses his choices for "Return to Seoul" by Davy Chou

Franco-Cambodian director Davy Chou’s second feature film, Return to Seoul, focuses dispassionately but as closely as possible on a young woman who returns to retrace her Korean origins. The visuals, by Thomas Favel, AFC, who has been working with Davy Chou since the start of his career, helps us embark on this voyage of self-discovery. He reveals to us the behind-the-scenes choices he made for Return to Seoul which has been selected in Un Certain Regard at the 75th Cannes Film Festival. (BB)

Professional life 

Cinematographer Alexandre Lamarque, AFC, has passed away

The cinematographers of the AFC were deeply saddened to learn of the passing of their colleague and friend Alex Lamarque, after a long battle with illness that ended on 15 September 2022, aged 58. He was a talented director of photography, and everyone who worked alongside him will remember him as warm, curious, and approachable, very elegant in his mannerisms and a very beautiful person.


About the shooting of "Athena", a film by Romain Gavras

Summer day 2022, hardly anyone on Parc aux Lièvres Square in Evry. These projects were supposed to be pulled down 5 years ago already, and the residents are leaving progressively. Some satellite dishes and bicycles on the balconies are signs that some indomitable locals persist, though they will soon be dispelled by bulldozers.

Sound is always ahead of the picture!

Following the double screening of lens tests of the Standard and Large Format lenses planned at Paris Images AFC Events 2022 at the Parc Floral de Paris, Eric Vaucher, former sound recordist and current project manager, sent the AFC the following letter, in which he judiciously compares the developments in sound recording to those in lens manufacturing!

The Leica Freedom Train

During the trip to the Leitz-Park in Wetzlar, Germany, organised by the Leitz team to bring together some European cinematographers, we were able to visit the Leica Camera factory, the Leitz cine lens manufactory and the museum. In one of the rooms, we could read a text about an activity that Ernst Leitz II kept secret all his life and which mentions the rescue of Jews in the years before and during the Second World War. In doing so, Ernst Leitz II took incredible risks for himself, his family and his company.

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Quotation of the month

Dans le désordre des brouillards de la nuit qui traînaient encore en loques roses et bleues sur les eaux encombrées des débris de nacre de l’aurore, des bateaux passaient en souriant à la lumière oblique qui jaunissait leur voile et la pointe de leur beaupré comme quand ils rentrent le soir…

Marcel Proust, Sodome et Gomorrhe, À la recherche du temps perdu – 4 (1921-1922)

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