Figures and statistics

2009 French production stays at high level

In 2009, motion picture production activity remained at a high level, close to that of 2007. 230 features had CNC regulatory approval, 4.2% less than in 2008 (- 10 films). This slight decline only concerned French-initiated films (182 films in 2009, against 196 in 2008). On the other hand, the number of features funded by a majority of foreign monies increased slightly (+ 4 films). In 2009, French production counted 195 features, 30 documentaries and 5 animation films.

Foreign film "tax rebate" approved by the French National Assembly

Developed by the FICAM (Federation of Cinema and Audiovisual Industries) and the French National Film Commission, an amendment favoring foreign producers shooting in France has just been adopted unanimously by Parliament in the framework of the 2009 Finance Act.

This measure, adapted to the budget of foreign — including American — productions is in the spirit of existing European incentive systems. It is a tax rebate in favor of the executive producer established in France participating in the production of foreign works (fiction and animation) that are not eligible for financial support by the CNC (French National Center for Cinema).