Vive la Cinématographie Indienne
By Richard Andry, Vice-President of the AFC

Viva Indian Cinematography. That’s the title chosen by ISC, (Indian Society of Cinematographers) to happily announce on their Facebook page that AFC, the French Society of Cinematographers, have invited India as the Guest Country at the Micro Salon happening in Paris on 27th January 2017, with official invitations sent to ISC, WICA (Western Indian Society of Cinematographers) & SICA (Southern Indian Cinematographers Association) .

AFC Micro Salon 2017: back to a pivotal year, and the first photo albums
By Jean-Noël Ferragut, AFC

For better or for worse, the 17th annual Micro Salon was in the spirit of the times: the number of visitors at this year’s Micro Salon shrank. In the eyes of our partners with stands at the event this was a positive thing (although our sister-organizations on the other hand are always trying to reach a broader audience). The reason? Quite simple: fewer visitors means more quality time for discussion with the exhibitors!