Caméflex 2015

3rd Caméflex AFC: “Regards Nouveaux” (New Perspectives)
7 countries – 7 short films directed and filmed by cinema students selected by the AFC

Philippe Van Leeuw and Pascal Ridao, AFC Members, selected seven films at the San Sebastian Film Festival’s International Film Students Meeting, presided by Laurent Cantet. Each of them, directed in a different country, many of which are distant, is the expression of a different culture and experience. They were projected during the 3rd Caméflex AFC (7-11 February 2015). A member of the AFC presented each film.

Portrait of a Free Man, Luciano Tovoli, AIC, ASC
By Dominique Maillet

Eclectic and determined, enthusiastic and rebellious, from the start of his career Luciano Tovoli upset the habits and traditions of the profession with his mix of verve, self-confidence, and occasional ingenuity. He has what is sometimes called “character”.