Cameflex AFC Festival

4th Annual Caméflex-AFC

Caméflex 2016

The Fourth Annual Caméflex-AFC will take place from 6-10 February 2016 in the Cinema Le Grand Action in Paris, and will honour Iranian cinematographer Mahmoud Kalari. Mahmoud Kalari, born in Teheran in 1951, films three, four, or even six films a year with a simple style and small budgets, in a country, Iran, where the lack of resources hasn’t stopped the blossoming of cinematographic talents recognized the world over.

Selection of student films at the San Sebastian Festival for Caméflex-AFC 2016
By Dominique Gentil, AFC

Caméflex 2016

Thanks to the initiative of Alain Coiffier, for the second year in a row, AFC cinematographers were invited to participate in the San Sebastian Festival. This invitation allowed us to attend the screenings of the Student Film section (“14th International Film Student Meeting”) in order to choose films that will be screened at the Grand Action Cinema from 9-11 February 2016, as part of Caméflex-AFC, which will be held this year on the theme of “The Transmission of Knowledge”.

3rd Caméflex AFC: “Regards Nouveaux” (New Perspectives)
7 countries – 7 short films directed and filmed by cinema students selected by the AFC

Caméflex 2015

Philippe Van Leeuw and Pascal Ridao, AFC Members, selected seven films at the San Sebastian Film Festival’s International Film Students Meeting, presided by Laurent Cantet. Each of them, directed in a different country, many of which are distant, is the expression of a different culture and experience. They were projected during the 3rd Caméflex AFC (7-11 February 2015). A member of the AFC presented each film.

At Amiens, a lovely week of cinema
By Gérard de Battista, AFC

Caméflex 2013

Eight films were in competition this year, and two received an award. First prize went to Harmony Lessons by Emir Baigazin (Kazakhstan) for a very strong first movie portraying a secretive and awkward adolescent from a poor, hardscrabble, rural background who is confronted with bullying and violence from both the little chieftains and the semi-military authority structure of his middle school.

Denis Lenoir, AFC, ASC: "Art and Matter"
By Fabien Gaffez

Caméflex 2013

The 33rd Amiens International Film Festival, in partnership with the AFC, has for the second year in a row hosted "Caméflex Amiens", an event dedicated to cinematographers, from 11-15 November 2013. Denis Lenoir, AFC, ASC, was honoured with a retrospective on nine of his films and a Master Class. Fabien Gaffez, Festival’s Artistic Director, speaks about Denis Lenoir’s work.