Professional life

Gerry Fisher, a great man and a great professional

Gerry Fisher

I first met Gerry Fisher in 1975 on the set of Joseph Losey’s Mr. Klein. At that time, I was 2nd AC in Pierre-William Glenn’s team, who was operating on this film. I admired his work on Accident, Secret Ceremony, The Offence, A Doll’s House and Man in the Wilderness, and was shadowing him on the set, trying to learn his cinematography.

Gerry Fisher is not dead
By Pierre-William Glenn, AFC

Gerry Fisher

Gerry Fisher was one of the greatest men I met in my life. Joseph Losey asked me to be the Director of Photography on Monsieur Klein in the event Gerry didn’t obtain the special dispensation to work at this position in France (professional cards reigned supreme in those days…).

In memoriam of Director of Photography Oswald Morris, BSC

Oswald Morris

It is with great sadness that we learnt of the death of our British colleague Oswald Norman Morris, BSC, on Monday, 17 March 2014 at his home at Fontmell Magna, Dorset (UK) at the age of 98. Along with Freddie Young, Jack Cardiff, and Christopher Challis, “Ossie” Morris was a member of that generation of English directors of photography who learnt their trade while cinema itself was developing around them.

For Jacques Loiseleux
By Pierre-William Glenn, AFC

Jacques Loiseleux

It is with deep sadness that we received news of the passing of our colleague, director of photography Jacques Loiseleux, AFC, on Monday, 17 March 2014. A founding member of our association and one of its pillars, one of its souls, Jacques served as its General Secretary for over ten years and was one of its Vice-Presidents. He was eighty-one years old.

In memory of Gilbert Taylor, BSC
By Marc Salomon, AFC’s consulting member

Gilbert Taylor

A few weeks ago we announced the death of British cinematographer Gilbert Taylor, BSC, aged 99. Marc Salomon, a consulting member of the AFC, presents the biofilmography of this director of photography whose career began in 1929 and whose talented shadow is still visible in the more than sixty feature-length fictional films he shot.

The Rules of the Game
By Eric Gautier, Director of Photography, AFC


I must say that I am rather dumbfounded by the turn events have taken and the conflict between directors and technicians that is looming on the horizon. Indelible scars have already been made. I do not understand the point of this fratricide war, for our interests are identical. I have always made films for directors.

Collective Labour Agreement for French Cinematographic Production


On 1 July 2013, after ten years of negotiations, the decision to extend the Collective Labour Agreement for French Cinematographic Production was signed.
The wrenching debates that preceded this ratification have caused the end of support that we once thought indefectible.

Death of Gilles Galerne, president of K 5600 Lighting - North Hollywood

Gilles Galerne

We were saddened by the death of Gilles Galerne on 26 November 2012 as a result of a rare disease (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis). He had founded the K5600 company in the early 90’s with his father Jean and his brother Marc. The AFC’s member directors of photography present their sincere condolences to his entire family, and especially Marc. Pascal Lebègue and Richard Andry, both members of the AFC, join his brother Marc in presenting their hommages to Gilles.

For Luc Drion
By Jacques Cluzaud

Luc Drion

Last Indian summer of the 20th century – Northeast United States – first meeting with Luc Drion. A few centimetres away from his camera the Canadian geese of Winged Migration were flying in formation over a brilliantly coloured forest. They flew in all weather, under the rain and the snow, in the fog, full speed ahead.

Chris Marker left us Chris’ legacy: the owl and the cat named Guillaume
By Jimmy Glasberg, AFC

Chris Marker

Chris Marker chose the day of his 91st birthday to leave us, discreetly and without a sound, in his typical style. I was lucky enough to have known him professionally and personally. I travelled with him to Japan and to Cape Verde to film L’héritage de la chouette (The Owl’s Legacy). Chris adored Japan, the Japanese, cats, and new technologies. He used to tell us about his big philosophical theories regarding the values of Japanese civilisation and its cat myths.