Bebob Offers Cube 1200 Multi-Voltage Battery for exceptional Power

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Large-Capacity battery runs Arri SkyPanel S60 at maximum power for 2.5 hours.

Munich-based power and accessory maker, Bebob, presents the Cube 1200 Li-Ion battery : The Cube 1200 offers lighting, cameras and other energy-hungry devices a capacity of 81.6Ah and 1176Wh – enough to run an Arri SkyPanel S60 for more than 2.5 hours at maximum (420W) power. The Cube 1200 features an integrated charger and can be fully charged within eight hours. Alternatively, it can also be used as a power supply, providing up to 15 W of output power – enough to operate professional cine cameras (Arri, RED, ...). Yet, unlike heavy and bulky block batteries of similar capacity, the Cube 1200 weighs only 8.95kg.

Large-Capacity, Multi-Voltage
The Cube 1200 can provide voltage from 5V, 12V, and 24V up to 48V – making it a versatile solution for high-performance devices such as the popular ARRI SkyPanel S60. While traditional batteries will only operate this particularly powerful LED panel at half performance, the Cube 1200 delivers sufficient energy to let the SkyPanel reach its full potential (420W) – for over 2.5 hours. Thus, the Cube 1200 can revolutionize mobility by eliminating the need to work plugged in – even with large, power-challenging equipment.

Numerous Connections, built-in Charger
Ready for versatile on-set and on-location applications, bebob’s high-capacity battery features numerous connections for all traditional cameras and lightings : Among others, three 12V outputs (1 D-Tap, 2 XLRs), two 24V outputs, and one 48V output (all XLR) are available. In addition, 2 USB outputs (5V) allow external devices like smartphones and tablets to be charged and operated. A convenient benefit of the Cube 1200 is its integrated charger, accepting 90-264V/47-63Hz AC in, for an 8-hour full capacity charge time.

Mobility and Robustness
Added to the transport advantages of its lighter weight, the Cube’s small footprint of 20,8cm wide x 35,6cm high x 16,7cm deep, conveniently accommodates space-restricted sets. Operators also appreciate its dual integrated top handles, raised feet, and ready access to all outputs and functions.

Engineered and handcrafted in Germany to the highest specifications, the bebob Cube 1200 offers a 2-year warranty for 80% capacity. It is housed in a rugged enclosure and built for long life. A modular design provides for easy service, and after years of work when cell capacity becomes insufficient, the Bebob Cube may be re-celled.

Reports from the field have been positive. According to an Industrial and Scientific Imaging Specialist at a major automotive manufacturer in the U.S., "The bebob team has done an excellent job on their products. We were able to test several bebob CUBEs, and now use them on a daily basis to power multiple devices at the same time. They are absolutely great for our high-speed applications."

Key Features of the Bebob Cube 1200 :
• Suitable even for energy-hungry cameras and lighting
• Maximum load : 480W
• Various 5V (USB), 12V (unreg), 24V and 48V outputs
• 48V for ARRI SkyPanel S30/S60 available
• AC In : 90-264V / 47-63Hz
• Built-in charger
• Technology : Lithium-Ion Trimix HL
• Charging time : 8 hours
• Dimensions (W x H x D) : 8.2”/20.8cm x 14”/35.6cm x 6.5”/16.7cm
• Weight : 19.8 pounds/8.95 kilograms

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