Birth of the "Women Behind the Camera" Collective

By Céline Bozon, Nathalie Durand, Claude Garnier, Julie Grünebaum and Claire Mathon, members of the AFC
For over a year, following the initiative of some of our members, we have been meeting in the AFC’s offices to discuss our profession from a female perspective. On September 6th of this year, we officially founded the “Women Behind the Camera” Collective.

We think we have something to say about the reality of women’s work behind the camera and that it is important for us to exist, to be visible, to be in solidarity with one another, and to inform the younger generation of female students who will be the future women behind the camera.

This collective intends to take several forms :
1. A place of free speech, dialogue, and meetings, which will, for the time being, take place on the first Friday of the month, starting on 8 November 2019.
2. A website, currently under construction, which is expected to provide a directory of members of our collective and also to be a place of sharing and information.

Céline, Nathalie, Claude, Julie, Claire

(Translated from French by A. Baron-Raiffe)