by Eric Guichard

par Eric Guichard La Lettre AFC n°139

[ English ] [ français ]

With the arrival in January of Yves Lafaye, Pascal Poucet and Jean-Louis Vialard, there are now eighty active members. At the start of 2005, I would like to pay homage and warmly thank the active members, associate members and founder members of the AFC. They can be proud of their baby.
Every day brings proof that, not only was our association necessary and essential, but that little by little it is growing and getting stronger. The AFC is a magical crossroads of encounters and thoughts, we must use it freely and become involved without sparing our efforts, because it safeguards our memory, our know-how and our knowledge.
Our coveted work as Directors of photography is now facing a new challenge. The drafting of the “DOP Charter” is an essential step towards a clear vision and synthesis of our work and our responsibility in the making of a film, as much from an artistic as from a technical point of view.
The AFC has plans - too many plans, some would say - and maybe they are right, but these plans are designed to meet a need and it’s our responsibility to develop them and make them succeed. It is important that a large number of you come to discuss this at our General Meeting on January fifteenth.
This being the season of wishes, mine is that the AFC will continue to grow and that one day, new members will thank us for the work we’ve accomplished.
I wish you, my dear friends and associate members, a very Happy New Year : good health, happiness and lots of plans...

(Translated from French by Moira Tulloch)