Paris Images Trade Show, the new label dedicated to promoting the French cinema industry

AFC newsletter n°239

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The expertise of France’s technical industries and technicians working in the film, audiovisual and animation industries is world class and one of our country’s key assets. Every year the ’Paris Images Trade Show’ is a highlight of the events calendar aimed at showcasing this dynamic industry - a creator of many highly skilled jobs - to industry professionals from all over the world. The event is an initiative by seven well-known organisations, all of which share the same ambition to promote French technical talents: the AFC, the Ile de France Film Commission, the IDIFF, L’Industrie du rêve, the CST, the FICAM and Film France.

It is the result of thinking initiated by the Centre national du cinéma et de l’image animée (National Centre for Cinema and Animation), around the report ’Avenir à 10 ans des Industries Techniques du Cinéma et de l’Audiovisuel en France’ (The Future of the Technical Cinema and Audiovisual Industries in France on their Tenth Birthday) produced in 2013 by Jean-Noël Portugal and Jean-Frédérick Lepers, who used the report to call for a joint initiative.

It has already led to bringing four events that complement each other under the logical umbrella of the ’Paris Images Trade Show’ to take place between the end of January and the beginning of February 2014:
- L’Industrie du rêve, 26-31 January;
- The IDIFF, 28-29 January;
- The AFC Micro Salon, 7-8 February;
- The Ile de France Location Expo, 13-14 February.

As Partners of the ’Paris Images Trade Show’, the CST, the FICAM and Film France will help to ensure an ever better fit between what’s on at these events and the expectations and key concerns facing those working in the industry.
Drawing on substantial overlaps between the different partners in terms both of communication and content, the ’Paris Images Trade Show’ will boost the international profile of all those who dedicate their world-class technical and artistic expertise to serving creation and cultural diversity.

All partners attending the ’Paris Images Trade Show’ thus share the same conviction that artistic output, technical output and industrial competitiveness are indissociable from the creation of a film or audiovisual work. They wish to develop collaborations between the events under the umbrella of this initiative as well as professional bodies and partner associations in order to highlight the excellence of French technicians and the technical industry within film and animation and to boost their international profile.