Shot Talk : interview with David Fincher and DoP Erik Messerschmidt, ASC, about "Mank"

Contre-Champ AFC n°319

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ShotDeck, a website launched by DoP Lawrence Sher, ASC (Joker, Very Bad Trip, 2 & 3...), is extremely excited to share with you the latest addition of its Shot Talk interview series, featuring legendary filmmaker David Fincher and his incredible cinematographer Erik Messerschmidt discussing their 10x Oscar-nominated film Mank.

This episode has the kind of technical deep dive discussions that you’re not gonna get anywhere else, including the philosophy of black and white vs. color cinematography, detailed FX breakdowns on several important scenes from the film, and why Fincher avoids Steadicam at all costs.

Along with the interview, we’re also releasing a bunch of great shots from the film, so you can start adding them to your decks and getting inspired right away !

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