The AFC’s Return to Imago

By Eric Gautier, Vice-President of the AFC in charge of International Affairs

par Eric Gautier Contre-Champ AFC n°310

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Letter to the AFC’s active and associate members.
As you know, the AFC has joined Imago, effective on March 12 of this year. I am very proud of having successfully fulfilled the mission that the AFC President, Gilles Porte, and Board of Directors, had assigned to me. In order to complete this mission, last September I put together a group composed of Marie Spencer, Jean-Marie Dreujou and Gilles Porte. This group later grew to include about ten members [1]. Their advice was extremely valuable.

Today, Kees van Oostrum, the current president of the ASC, who will end his term in late June, has just been elected President of Imago. He is from the Netherlands and has just moved back to Europe after many years in Los Angeles. He was clearly our choice. I am attaching the statement [2] he sent to the Imago membership (56 countries) to introduce his program…

A new era is beginning for Imago, which will be able to count on us, the AFC. This will also be the opportunity for the AFC to form closer ties with manufacturers of technical equipment, many of whom are already Imago partners.

We will work alongside Kees van Oostrum, as he knows, and we will be ready to take on the work required on the many issues that will have to be seriously addressed. Especially the website, which he feels should be as impeccable as ours, which he holds up as exemplary.

I feel that today, our battles go beyond the AFC, and we need global solidarity.
With our return, we, the Cinematographers of the AFC, want to be the bearers of a very lofty ideal of what Cinema is, alongside all of our partners, for an art form that is currently very fragile everywhere in the world, especially since the virus.

Until very soon,

Eric Gautier, Vice-President of the AFC, in charge of international affairs)

[1] Agnès Godard, Nathalie Durand, Caroline Champetier, Denis Lenoir, Robert Alazraki, Richard Andry, Eric Guichard, Michel Abramowicz, Rémy Chevrin
[2] Read Kees van Oostrum’s statement], located in the second half of the article published on the ASC’s website.