The AFC’s new Executive Committee for the Year 2020

Contre-Champ AFC n°309

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As the sanitary conditions still require it, the AFC board met "at a distance" on Wednesday June the 3rd, and proceeded to the election of the Executive Committee of the association. Chaired by Gilles Porte, elected on April 13 for a third term, it is then composed as follows…

2020 AFC Members of the Board :

  • Gilles Porte, President
  • Caroline Champetier (Education and Heritage), Rémy Chevrin (Relations with the Associate Members, Eric Gautier (International Relations), Claire Mathon (Education and Heritage), Julien Poupard (Digital Communication), Vice-Presidents
  • Baptiste Magnien, General Secretary
  • Michel Abramowicz, Treasurer
  • Stéphane Cami, Vincent Jeannot, Marie Spencer (Imago Representative), Secretaries
  • Jean-Marie Dreujou, Vice-Treasurer.

The other Administrators :
- Jean-Claude Aumont (Delegated to the Associate Members)
- Laurent Chalet
- Olivier Chambon
- Laurent Dailland
- Nathalie Durand
- Claude Garnier
- Pierre-William Glenn
- Agnès Godard
- Eric Guichard (Administration of the Website)
- Stéphan Massis
- Vincent Mathias
- Tariel Méliava
- Isabelle Razavet
- Jean-Louis Vialard
- Myriam Vinocour.

Non Members of the Board
- Léo Hinstin (Delegated to Digital Communication)
- Nicolas Loir (Delegated to Education and Heritage, and Digital Transmission).