The Parallel Sections of the Cannes Film Festival announce their 2015 Selection

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Following the announcement of the films selected for the Official Selection at the 68th Annual Cannes Film Festival, the Parallel Selections— the Directors’ Fortnight, the International Critics’ Week, and the ACID – have now announced the list of films that they have selected.
The cinematography of three of the selected films was done by members of the AFC.

Directors’ Fortnight

  • In the Shadow of Women (L’Ombre des femmes), directed by Philippe Garrel, cinematography by Renato Berta, AFC (opening film)
  • The Brand New Testament (Le Tout Nouveau Testament), directed by Jaco Van Dormael, cinematography by Christophe Beaucarne, AFC, SBC,
    International Critics’ Week
  • Les Deux Amis, directed by Louis Garrel, cinematography by Claire Mathon, AFC (special screening)
    And also…
    In the Directors’ Fortnight
  • The Cowboys (Les Cows Boys), directed by Thomas Bedegain, cinematography by Arnaud Potier,
  • Fatima, directed by Philippe Faucon, cinematography by Laurent Fenart,
  • Mustang, directed by Deniz Gamze Ergüven, cinematography by David Chizallet and Ersin Gok,
  • My Golden Years (Trois souvenirs de ma jeunesse), directed by Arnaud Desplechin, cinematography by Irina Lubtchansky
    In the International Critics’ Week
  • Dégradé, directed by Tarzan and Arab Nasser, cinematography by Eric Devin,
  • The Wakhan Front (Ni le ciel ni la terre), directed by Clément Cogitore, cinematography by Sylvain Verdet
    In the ACID
  • Amongst others...
  • Cosmodramaana, directed by Philippe Fernandez, cinematography by Frédéric Serve,
  • Crache cœur, directed by Julia Kowalski, cinematography by Simon Beaufils,
  • Gaz de France, directed by Benoît Forgeard, cinematography by Thomas Favel,
  • De l’ombre il y a, directed by Nathan Nicholovitch, cinematography by Florent Astolfi.

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