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In cinema today, the trend is to miniaturization, like that of cameras (for example : the Red and Alexa Mini), which resulted in a shrinking of the machinery but also a lightening of accessories. However, optics remains a technical tool bound by the laws of physics. It is now possible to enter an impressive number of pixels into a camera sensor the size of a fingernail.

Stabilization of large sensor cameras
But despite all the attractions of miniaturization, to obtain a certain quality of image it is necessary to capture it on a larger surface. This means the use of new cameras with large sensors, digital versions of 65 and 70mm film cameras. This trend is back on the scene : Manufacturers are ready to offer these cameras in Vista-Vision format, Large Format, Full Frame ... And the equipment of ACS France allows you to stabilize them in the best conditions.

Our offer remains varied in the face of these possibilities. If it is compactness and lightness that you need, the Shotover G1 will carry a Red Monstro or a Sony Venice with prime lenses, on a traveling vehicle, or on a Cablecam for example.
For even more stability, when shooting in a helicopter, for example, the Shotover F1 will perfectly stabilize a Red with one of the compact zooms constructed for large sensors from Zeiss.

But the star of the big sensors at ACS France is the Shotover K1. Where her little sister the Shotover F1 must limit the choices and changes of optics and cameras to stay compact, the Shotover K1 is perfectly suited to this challenge. There are very few zooms currently available for large sensors on the market today, and in aerial we like the zooms. The big zooms. For example, the new Optimo Ultra 12x from Angénieux – this lens, mounted on an Alexa LF, a not inconsequential package... No problem, the K1 is there for that. And if you want to use prime lenses, this high-performance gyro-stabilized head is sufficiently flexible to allow you to change focal lengths quickly between flights (this is an important point – rapid lens changes are far from being obvious in aerial).
As you will have understood, whatever your challenges are with this new range of cameras, we are here to support you and choose the solutions best suited to your needs.

Tête gyro-stabilisée Shotover G1 équipée de la RED Monstro et d'une optique Angénieux 48-130 mm
Tête gyro-stabilisée Shotover G1 équipée de la RED Monstro et d’une optique Angénieux 48-130 mm

Tête gyro-stabilisée Shotover K1 embarquant une Alexa 65 et une optique Arri DNA
Tête gyro-stabilisée Shotover K1 embarquant une Alexa 65 et une optique Arri DNA

The Buggy, all terrain tracking vehicle
A dolly over rough terrain is rarely a trivial matter, especially at a high speed. Such an environment for shooting can be difficult to deal with.
As in most situations during filming, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. However, thanks to a light all-terrain vehicle, quad or buggy, ACS France can provide a technical answer to these delicate shots.
Equipped with a gyro-stabilized head, such as our Shotover F1 or G1 mounted on a lift arm, a buggy will be just as capable of making a slow and contemplative shot of a sunset on a sandy beach as a chase sequence on horseback in the middle of the forest. And as a bonus, it will take very little time to move from one to the other : no need to lay rails on the ground or change equipment.
With a petrol or electric engine, capable of carrying from two to six people, there are many quads and buggies on the market, and our vast network of partners will always allow us to choose the most suitable for your request.
In addition, these small tracking vehicles are usually transportable in a van, which makes them accessible on any location.

Polaris & Lift vertical motorisé et notre Shotover G1
Polaris & Lift vertical motorisé et notre Shotover G1

Buggy et notre Shotover K1
Buggy et notre Shotover K1

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