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In the latest news from Full Motion, among others, the release in theatres of a feature length photographed by a member of the AFC and of a Netflix series, a feature film shoot with another member of the association, and shootings for various commercials.

Coming soon
This month, the TV show "Marianne", directed by Samuel Bodin with Philip Lozano as DoP will be available on Netflix. We worked for several days on this TV show for aerial footages.

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In October, the feature film My Stupid Dog, directed by Yvan Attal with DoP Rémy Chevrin, AFC, will be released in theaters.
We did many aerials shots and a sequence shot for this project.

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We also worked on the next video clip of Matthieu Chedid-M- "Thérapie" which was shot in three sequence shots, with Lionel Hirlé as Director and DoP Philip Lozano.

Last shootings
We did aerial shots for the feature film Delicious, directed by Eric Besnard with DoP Jean-Marie Dreujou, AFC.

We shot for the new Renault Sport’s Clio Rally Cup with our drone and our tracking car AudiRS4 equipped with a Ronin 2.

RS4 équipée d'un Ronin 2.
RS4 équipée d’un Ronin 2.

Elliott Carrasco (cadreur) et Brice Tholozan (pilote).
Elliott Carrasco (cadreur) et Brice Tholozan (pilote).

The Full Motion team also went to Iceland for a commercial for Hennessy’s brandy, directed by Jean Baptiste Degez with DoP Jean-Baptiste Rière.

And in Bulgaria, Full Motion shot a commercial for Zalando directed by Manu Cossu with DoP Matthieu Plainfossé.
We flew an Alexa Mini with Arri Signature Prime lenses on our MŌVi Pro on our Freefly Alta8.

Benjamin Lavayssière et Brice Tholozan préparant l'Alta 8.
Benjamin Lavayssière et Brice Tholozan préparant l’Alta 8.

Beaucoup de câbles à éviter pour une scène de cascade.
Beaucoup de câbles à éviter pour une scène de cascade.

2019’s fall is starting very well with many features film in prep and shoots for motor sport.