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Evolution 2X, the new adaption of the legend Kowa anamorphic lenses will soon have a new look! - P+S Technik will from now on offer rehousing for Hasselblad.

Rehousing for Hasselblad

The new P+S Hasselblad rehousing makes use of the legendary Hasselblad medium format lenses that were used on Apollo missions and therefore learned us to see new and different perspectives. Sharp and soft the same time using the larger image field of up to 60mm diameter and more, the lenses are real multi talents – by the format, by resolution and contrast – all in a modern and stable, yet compact cine-style housing.

Evolution 2X - Dressed Up!

“Our Evolution 2X anamorphic lenses are a great success throughout the last few years. As we believe in the S35 Format as a strong narrative, we decided to develop an updated mechanic and give the lenses a more modern physical layout with an epic touch,” says managing director Gerhard Baier.

1. Improved internal mechanics
2. Aesthetic updates to create a touch of epic and moderrn look
3. More to come, stay tuned!

Curious? You are welcome to visit us at the BSC Expo to see the new Evolution 2X lenses.

Estimated delivery starts from the second half of 2023.