The news from Panasonic in July

par Panasonic France La Lettre AFC n°299

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In the July news from Panasonic, save money on buying a VariCam LT ! Focus on three feature films shot on VariCam.

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Shot on VariCam
- Le Grand Prix du Festival de Cannes won by Atlantics, by Mati Diop, shot on VariCam LT, RED Epic and Zeiss G.O. T1.3 lenses, photographed by Claire Mathon, AFC, assisted by Alan Guichaoua.

- The Haunting of Sharon Tate, by Daniel Farrrands, based on the Tate murders, shot on VariCam LT and Panavision Baltars lenses, photographed by Carlo Rinaldi, AIC.

- The Perfection, by Richard Shepard, new Netflix film, shot on VariCam, spherical Cooke S7s and anamorphic Cooke lenses, photographed by Vanja Cernjul, ASC.