Transvideo-Aaton Digital announces the availability of new 32 bits float audio file format

par Transvideo Contre-Champ AFC n°350

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Be ready for the possible future requests of your Producers ! Starting from Cantar X3 & Mini V3.532.C12 or higher, the 32 bits float audio file format is now available in the audio settings.

Be careful with the use of the 32 bits floating format which is reserved for informed users. Please note that there is no bridge inside the Cantar to convert a file recorded in 32 bits float into a regular 24/16-bit audio file format.

Also in V3.532.C12 :

- Better compatibility with Lectrosonics’ DSR4.
- Subgroup settings are now embedded in the Save/Load Cantar process.
- Improvement of the Cantar’s Ethernet connection.

This update is recommended for all users. Enjoy !

Update available on our website.