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AFC Micro Salon Show
a complete successful


To say that the 2005 version of the AFC Micro Show was a complete successful is no empty boast !
The fête was going full blast on Thursday March 10th at the Femis film school.

  • At home and cosy by Alain Gauthier

Maurice and Roger Fellous
Two new honorary members for the AFC

New members of the AFC…

  • Roger and Maurice Fellous, seen through the eyes of Georges Lautner
    Georges Lautner talks about the time he spent with his " Uncle Operators ", the new honorary members of the AFC. (Editor’s note)
  • Welcome to our new honorary members, by Jean-Jacques Bouhon
    Just a few words to say how happy I am to welcome Roger and Maurice Fellous to our ranks. It brings back memories of the early days of my career.

by Eric Guichard

New members of the AFC…

With the arrival in January of Yves Lafaye, Pascal Poucet and Jean-Louis Vialard, there are now eighty active members. At the start of 2005, I would like to pay homage and warmly thank the active members, associate members and founder members of the AFC. They can be proud of their baby.

Another conception of cinema
By Charlie Van Damme, director of photography, AFC

Image Charter

Let’s consider a hypothetical world where all literary output gradually centred on a single nation except for a few residual poles whose limited influence would progressively diminish. We would have to ask ourselves what literature could possibly deserve this exorbitant privilege and, above all, what other literatures would have to be sacrificed. And then imagine what happens when the literature of this nation, carried by its deadly dynamic, reigns supreme: what would be left for it to destroy except itself ?