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Yves Cape, AFC, and his collaboration with director Michel Franco - Part 1
By Caroline Champetier, AFC

Conversations with cinematographers

At the first edition of the AFC Awards for excellence in cinematography, held on Wednesday February 7, 2024, as part of the 24th Micro Salon, Yves Cape, AFC, took the prize for Best Cinematography in a feature film, with Michel Franco’s Sundown. In this lengthy interview, published in two parts, Caroline Champetier, AFC, asks Yves Cape about his loyal (six films to date) and original collaboration with Mexican director Michel Franco.

Interview with Aymerick Pilarski, AFC, about Abderrahmane Sissako’s "Black Tea"
"Teatime in Abidjan", by François Reumont for the AFC

Conversations with cinematographers

With Black Tea, the Franco-Mauritanian filmmaker Abderrahmane Sissako (awarded a César in 2015 for his film Timbuktu) tells a story that is both romantic and dreamlike, exploring the encounter between African and East Asian cultures. The main character is a young woman who refused to say “I do” to her future husband at the last minute. She leaves straight for China to live a very different life than the one promised to her in Abidjan. Aymerick Pilarski, AFC, is the cinematographer who crafted the images for this filmic tale that spans Africa and Taiwan, and he was able to offer the director a significant asset in his knowledge of Mandarin, the language in which the film is almost entirely performed. The film is in the running for the Golden Bear. (FR)

AFC Interviews at Lille’s "Series Mania" Festival Martin Roux, AFC, discusses his cinematographic choices on the series "Machine" by Fred Grivois
"Can Kung Fu save the proletariat?", by François Reumont

Conversations with cinematographers

Fred Grivois’ "Machine", co-written with Thomas Bidegain and Valentine Monteil, is a bit of a baroque concept. An intimate mixture of the kung-fu movie (with its codes and combat scenes) and a pure social drama, this series shows us a fugitive ex-solider who returns to her ancestors’ small town to escape the GIGN police forces that are hunting her down… When she gets a job as a temporary factory worker, she meets a charismatic Marxist foreman — and former heroin addict — who is facing a takeover by a large Korean firm. Played by Margot Brancilhon and Joey Starr, the project takes on an unexpected plot and visual journey under the guidance of Martin Roux, AFC. He shares with us his experience on this 6 48-minute episode series (soon to be broadcast on Arte) whose two first episodes were presented in the official competition at Series Mania*. (FR)

AFC Interviews at Lille’s "Series Mania" Festival Alistair Little reviews the shooting of the first three episodes of "True Love", by Chloe Wicks
By François Reumont for the AFC

Conversations with cinematographers

"True Love" is one of the series screened in Lille as part of the International Panorama. Co-created by actress and writer Charlie Covell (known for "The End of the Fuck*ing World" on Netflix, 2017-2019) and Iain Weatherby, it deals with euthanasia with both suspense and a sharp British humor. Leading this project is actress Lindsay Duncan, who delivers a lively and deeply moving performance next to her four other septuagenarian co-stars. Cinematographer Alistair Little captures the visuals of the first three out of six episodes, directed by Chloe Wicks whose credits include the recent "The Flatshare" for Paramount Plus."True Love" was aired on Channel 4 in the UK from January 2024 and can be streamed on their VOD platform. (FR)

Recap of IAGA 2024 in London
By Richard Andry, AFC

European federation of cinematographers

The Annual General Assembly of Imago (IAGA) – the International Federation of Cinematographers – was held in London from 14-15 February 2024, hosted by the BSC. Richard Andry, who represented the AFC alongside Jean-Marie Dreujou, Eric Guichard (Imago’s Controller) and Denis Lenoir (Board member), has written the following detailed and illustrated recap of this event.

The Origins of a Trophy
By Stéphan Massis, AFC

The AFC Awards

Room 1163, Bry-Sur-Marne Hospital: Pierre-William Glenn is holding a small bronze Caméflex in his hands. The image is both sad and beautiful… this moment was recounted to us by Gilles Porte the day after the first-ever AFC Awards ceremony. He went to visit Pierre-William on his sickbed to show him the trophy that would be awarded to the winner of the new AFC Awards, as he was a founding member of the association. This small object in Pierre-William’s tired hands is the embodiment of the association’s founders passing the reins over to us, who are committed to making the AFC both active and lively.

Interview with Grimm Vandekerckhove, winner of the 2024 Robby Müller Award

Conversations with cinematographers

The Rotterdam International Film Festival, in association with the NSC (Netherlands Society of Cinematographers) celebrates the memory of great cinematographer Robby Müller every year by awarding the prize that bears his name to an up-and-coming filmmaker. In past years, recipients of the award have included Diego Garcia (a Mexican cinematographer who worked with Darius Khondji, AFC, ASC, on the series “Too Old to Die Young” in 2020, and Hélène Louvart, AFC, in 2023. This year, it is the turn of Belgian cinematographer Grimm Vandekerckhove to be recognized. We discuss this award with him, and particularly his work with Belgian director Bas Devos for whom he has shot two films (Ghost Tropic in 2019 and Here in 2023). (FR)

Annoucing the winners of the first AFC Awards

The AFC Awards

During the Awards ceremony for the first-ever AFC Awards, recognizing excellence in cinematography, which took place on Wednesday 7 February 2024, as part of the 24th annual Micro Salon, the Awards winners were revealed by four personalities from the cinema.

Introducing the nominees for the AFC Awards

The AFC Awards

Introducing the cinematographers nominated in one of the four sections of the AFC Awards. As a reminder, the winners will be announced at the award ceremony on 8 February 2024 (during the AFC Micro Salon).

Prix AFC’s nominations announcement

The AFC Awards

The French Society of Cinematographers is proud to announce the nominees of the first Prix AFC’s edition. Tabulation of the nominees was overseen by a lawyer, Maître Bouvet, 354 rue Saint-Honoré, 75001 Paris, on December 15th, 2023. The winners will be announced at the MICRO SALON AFC (Parc Floral de Paris) on February 7th, 2024. Thanks to all the cinematographers for their participation !

Opening of AFC Micro Salon 2024 registration

Micro Salon 2024

The AFC Micro Salon will be held for the 24rd time in the Hall de la Pinède du Parc Floral de Paris, on Wednesday, 7th February (10:00-20:30) and Thursday 8th February (10:00-18:00). Once again, this year’s Micro Salon will be combined with the AFC Postproduction Days. Registration is now open and we request that attendees if possible print their named admission badges before the event.

Pedro Luque, SCU, and director Juan Antonio Bayona look back on the stressful shooting of "The Society of the Snow"
"Alone in the world", by François Reumont for the AFC

Conversations with cinematographers at Camerimage

In competition for the first time at Camerimage, Spanish director Juan Antonio Bayona (The Impossible, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom and the Amazon series "Lord of the Rings") and his Uruguayan cinematographer Pedro Luque answered the audience’s questions after the screening of his new film, The Society of the Snow. (FR)

Marcel Zyskind, DFF, talks about his work on Viggo Mortensen’s "The Dead Don’t Hurt"
"The Little House in the Canyon", by François Reumont, for the AFC

Conversations with cinematographers at Camerimage

For his second film as a director, actor Viggo Mortensen tells a love story hindered by the Civil War. He stars alongside Vicky Krieps, in an atmosphere that blends classic and modern Western elements. Enhanced by intertwining editing of different time lines, and stunning cinematography by Marcel Zyskind, DFF, the film was shot on locations across Mexico & Canada. It’s presented out of competition during a special screening at Camerimage. (FR)

Rémy Chevrin, AFC, looks back on the shooting of Christophe Honoré’s "Winter Boy"
"Mourning through Rose-Colored Glasses", by François Reumont

Conversations with cinematographers at Camerimage

Christophe Honoré and Rémy Chevrin, AFC, are one of the most emblematic director/cinematographer couples in French "cinéma d’auteur". They have already shot nine films together and their faithful collaboration has been going strong since Seventeen Times Cécile Cassard, 24 years ago. Their next feature has already been wrapped and scheduled for release in spring 2024. Last year, they released Winter Boy, a film for which young actor Paul Kircher won the award for Best Actor at the San Sebastian Festival. A look back on the photographic challenges of this adolescent drama with the cinematographer who was selected out-of-competition at Camerimage 2023 in the Contemporary World Cinema section. (FR)