Technical stuff

The news from ACS France in January

Technical stuff

ACS France wishes you a merry Christmas and a very happy new year 2019 ! In January, release of a feature length produced with our technical support. We introduce you to the TwizyCam, an electric and adaptable camera car.

The news from Panasonic in January

Technical stuff

In the latest news from Panasonic, the issue 4 of Shot on VariCam magazine is now available; understanding Dual-Native ISO technology; and discover the EVA ROP, a clever new way to set up and control the EVA1.

Denis Lenoir, AFC, ASC, the go-between
By Ariane Damain Vergallo for Leitz Cine Wetzlar

Portraits of cinematographers from the angle of Leica

Denis Lenoir is already a confirmed cinematographer when he reads Pierre Bourdieu’s essay, Photography: A Middle-brow Art.
The idea that ‘‘bourgeoisie dunces’‘ are particularly successful in photography - a way for them not to downgrade - has always interested him. Born in that milieu and a “lazy, lousy student,” Denis Lenoir totally recognizes himself in that analysis.

Adventures and inspiration at the Kodak/Vantage/Silverway Workshop


Who can resist temptation? Especially when it’s at your fingertips? The chance to get hands-on a treasure trove of 16mm and 35mm filmmaking equipment, and to participate in the end-to-end making of Rupture – a passionate short film about a tryst with a twist – proved irresistible to a large and excited ensemble at the recent Kodak/Vantage/Silverway Workshop in Paris.

The Panasonic December news

Technical stuff

In the latest news from Panasonic, a feedback on the Camerimage 2018 edition and the films shot on VariCam selected at the Festival ; understanding the Dual ISO technology ; and a warranty extension for EVA1.

The latest news from Exalux

Technical stuff

The Exalux team warmly thanks the many visitors who came to meet us at IBC and Cinec. Among its November news, Exalux announces Ledzep, a LED panel that combines lightness, solidity and quality; two new dimmers in the LedMaster range: Pulse and Neo; an all-in-one hybrid wireless DMX controller.

The November news from Panasonic

Digital Cameras

Official sponsor of Camerimage Festival, Panasonic will organize an event around Crazy Rich Asians, by Jon Chu, shot in Varicam Pure, with DoP Vanja Černjul. Winner of EVA1 contest is announced.

ACS France’s latest news

Specialized shooting

In the news from ACS France, our new website is online, and October 2018 releases, Le Grand bain, directed by Gilles Lellouche and shot by Laurent Tangy, AFC, and Johnny English strikes again, directed by David Kerr and shot by par Florian Hoffmeister.

Cinec Award 2018 for the Angénieux Optimo Ultra 12x


The Optimo Ultra 12x got in Münich the Cinec Award 2018 in the Optics Category. It was a challenge for Angénieux whose aim was to offer to DPs a new generation of lenses with an even higher quality for large format feature and high-end digital content production.

A Full Frame and Anamorphic IBC for Angénieux


At IBC this year, Angenieux had shown the New Optimo Ultra 12x Multi Format lens and the already popular Type EZ series, both for S35 & Full Frame cameras. After the success of the Optimo 44-440 A2S lens, Angénieux had also presented, for the first time in Europe, the Optimo 42-420 A2S Long Range Anamorphic lens for the High End Production market.

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