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We hope that you had an excellent summer and we wish you a lovely September full of new projects! In our recent news: several feature films and commercials, our presence at the IBC trade fair.

About Luc Besson’s "Valerian": Cinematographer Thierry Arbogast, AFC
By Ariane Damain Vergallo, on behalf of Ernst Leitz Wetzlar

Technical stuff

No less than four months of intense preparation preceded the actual production of Luc Besson’s new film, Valerian. Besson first gathered all the department heads: production designer Hugues Tissandier, costume designer Olivier Bériot and cinematographer Thierry Arbogast. He summed up Valerian’s story line then, after a reading of the script, he showed them a series of drawings better to immerse them in the particular world of Christin’s and Mezières’ comic book that appeared in France in the 1970s and which the film is based on.

Guillaume Deffontaines: The Laughing Man
By Ariane Damain Vergallo, for Ernst Leitz Wetzlar

Portraits of cinematographers from the angle of Leica

The time: the 1980s. The place: A commuter train between Paris and the suburb of Chaville. On one of the faux-leather seats, lies a Leica R6 camera its owner must have left behind. A photo-loving teenager stares at it as if it were the Holy Grail. Honesty, however, along with the secret hope of - perhaps - recovering it some day, compels Guillaume Deffontaines to bring it to the railway company’s Lost and Found Department. His exceptional memory also brings him back to the Department — just in case! — exactly a year and a day later.

Denis Rouden, the Benefits of Windsurfing
By Ariane Damain Vergallo, for Ernst Leitz Wetzlar

Portraits of cinematographers from the angle of Leica

First things first. When you are the eldest son of a merchant navy captain whose ancestors, fishermen and sons of fishermen, came all the way from Ukraine..., when you were born and grew up in Marseilles as a certified "Corniche Kid" (the local equivalent to a Bow-bell Cockney)..., when you’d always dash wherever the fancy takes you - preferably beyond the horizon..., somehow, "moving up" to Paris to make movies in the 1980’s is not exactly the "normal" thing to do.

The Zoetrope: From "Pif Gadget" to Luc Besson
By Ariane Damain Vergallo, for Ernst Leitz Wetzlar

Portraits of cinematographers from the angle of Leica

After twenty-six years of uninterrupted collaboration, Luc Besson’s cinematographer, Thierry Arbogast, was determined to surprise him. Again. Old couples must constantly reinvent themselves, mustn’t they? And so he did when they tested and tried whichever equipment they might eventually use for their next project, Valerian.

Research results on Black & White in Digital Cinematography
By Philipe Ros, AFC

Digital Workflow

During the recent Micro Salon 2017, right after the screening of the short film Escapade, shot in black & white using the Panasonic Varicam LT without any Infrared cut filter, many people asked me for a further and more specific explanation on the methodology employed. Here is my answer, a brand new presentation, which not only describes every single step followed in our process but also sums up my previous researches on this topic.

Latest news of May from ACS France

Technical stuff

A HUGE thank for your visit to our “special 20th anniversary” open doors; in helicopter for a few lucky one! Always on the cutting edge of the technology, we did present you some of our news systems such as the Aercam, the Twizycam or our new electric RC quad.

The latest news from Exalux

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In the latest news from Exalux this month, Dimlite, the DIY dimmer, the new Flexx LED ribbon collection, new add-ons for the Rock Wide, a new DMX wireless kit at Maluna Lighting and the next rendez-vous.