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The January 2021 AFC Micro Salon at the Parc Floral will be rescheduled


Because of the current situation and at the request of our exhibitor partners, the AFC Micro Salon will not be held as initially planned next January at the Parc Floral. The AFC and its associate members hope to announce a new date for the 2021 Micro Salon this spring, depending on the public health situation, the intentions of the various parties involved, and the availability of the location.

AFC Micro Salon 2020, Important dates


One location, two days, three reasons to mark your agendas for AFC’s upcoming Micro Salon at the Parc Floral de Paris

  • on Thursday, 16 January -10am to 22pm
  • and Friday, 17 January - 10am to 18pm

Two days of good cheer, discussions, and knowledge dedicated to the tools used to create cinematographic images.

AFC Micro Salon 2019, a winning bet and a successful move
By Jean-Noël Ferragut for the AFC


The 19th annual Micro Salon, held on 8 and 9 February 2019, made a decisive change, which had been in the works for the past two to three years, and moved to the Parc Floral de Paris. There, a massive open space awaited it, which allowed for easier set-up, a design that made visiting more pleasant for attendees, and large meeting spaces where conviviality, one of our event’s hallmarks, went hand-in-hand with equipment presentation and screenings of images, the creation of which is the principal subject of interest of all in attendance.

Vive la Cinématographie Indienne
By Richard Andry, Vice-President of the AFC


Viva Indian Cinematography. That’s the title chosen by ISC, (Indian Society of Cinematographers) to happily announce on their Facebook page that AFC, the French Society of Cinematographers, have invited India as the Guest Country at the Micro Salon happening in Paris on 27th January 2017, with official invitations sent to ISC, WICA (Western Indian Society of Cinematographers) & SICA (Southern Indian Cinematographers Association) .

AFC Micro Salon 2017: back to a pivotal year, and the first photo albums
By Jean-Noël Ferragut, AFC


For better or for worse, the 17th annual Micro Salon was in the spirit of the times: the number of visitors at this year’s Micro Salon shrank. In the eyes of our partners with stands at the event this was a positive thing (although our sister-organizations on the other hand are always trying to reach a broader audience). The reason? Quite simple: fewer visitors means more quality time for discussion with the exhibitors!

AFC Micro Salon 2016 – Intense but Smooth


Having now reached the age of sixteen, the AFC Micro Salon is now in its best years! Mission accomplished once again, as the four levels of La fémis presented the skills and innovations of fifty-six of our attending associate members to the over 2,650 guests who attended the event.

Maps of each level of the AFC Micro Salon Show 2016


The 2016 AFC Micro Salon, which takes place on 5-6 February at La fémis in Paris, on three floors: the ground level, the first basement floor (level -1), and the 2nd floor. Access to all levels is via the central staircase inside the building. Below, you will find maps of the various exposition rooms and the location of each of the participating AFC associate members’ stands and a link toward the programme and schedule of the projections.

Registration for the 2016 Micro Salon


The AFC is pleased to announce its 16th annual Micro Salon Show, which will take place - from Friday 5 February 2016 - 10am to 8pm

  • to Saturday 6 February 2016 - 10am to 6pm
  • at La fémis (6, rue Francœur, Paris 18).

These two days dedicated to the tools and technologies used by cinematographers are traditionally a time when manufacturers, distributors, renting companies, suppliers, and end users come together for lively and collegial discussions regarding the latest innovations in the trade.

K5600 at Micro Salon 2016

Nos associés au Micro Salon

K5600 always believed in being close to the end-users and participating in exhibitions and Festivals is a great opportunity to exchange information and ideas. This often leads to new ideas for new products. The new Alpha 800W was born from some of these discussions over the years.

A successful 2015 AFC Micro Salon
By Richard Andry, AFC


The French cinematographic community has always displayed a keen interest in both the technological and artistic aspects of cinema, especially with many renowned French equipment manufacturers and cinematographers having a successful history in exporting their technologies and talents across the worldwide stage.

Maps of each level of the AFC Micro Salon 2015


The 2015 AFC Micro Salon, which will take place on 6-7 February, features stands on three floors of La fémis: the ground level (courtyard and entrance), the first basement floor (level -1), and the 2nd floor. Access to all levels is via the central staircase inside the building. Below, you will find maps of the various exposition rooms and the location of each of the participating AFC associate members’ stands.

  • Further information is available on the Micro Salon’s website (in French):

Emit at AFC Micro Salon 2015

Nos associés au Micro Salon

Once again, there will be many new products to see on the Emit booth this year. The Micro Salon is a privileged moment for our manufactures to share their knowledge and experiences with the end users. Some will find a source of inspiration and others will find solutions to help complete their projects.

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