Cartoni France introduces the high-end Gen Energy batteries

by Groupe Zebra Contre-Champ AFC n°315

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Gen Energy is a South Korean manufacturer of high-end batteries. Based near Seoul, the company started its activity around CCTV camera optics, then developing its own cameras as an OEM.

In 2015, Gen Energy is developing its first range of batteries. And what a success!

The G-B100 12A range (98Wh, 160Wh, 195Wh and 290Wh) is the first range of batteries whose aim is to definitively sweep away the 3 main defects found in the vast majority of batteries: shocks, which are the cause of 50% of defects; short circuits, which represent 20% of defects; and overheating, which also represents 20% of defects. Moreover, this is the first time that a small 98Wh battery has such a high amperage.

The cells used come from Samsung, which are currently the most reliable on the international market.

At the same time, Gen Energy is developing the fastest charger for 14V batteries, the G-C100, which charges the brand’s batteries from the 160Wh model upwards in 6A (98Wh and other brands of batteries in 3A).

Gen Energy batteries are the first (and so far the only ones!) to obtain the "US Military Certificate" thanks to their incredible resistance to shocks provided by an ultra-solid PCB shell with 8 male-female fixing points, a PCB cell support also (no glue used!) and a torsion resistant Nickel plate design.

They are also fully protected against short circuits. The technology used by Gen brings the best possible protection to the battery, preventing the cells from being touched by an overvoltage at any time) but also to the equipment used, which remains completely isolated from any short circuit. Technically, the cut-off motherboard detects the current peak, isolating the cells, then thanks to FET (Field-Effect Transistor) technology the motherboard cuts off the output current, isolating the output terminals, and thus the equipment being powered. This technology is now patented.

To solve the problem of overheating, Gen Energy has lowered the electrical resistance of its batteries by using Japanese Nickel in direct contact with the cells, by doubling the thickness of the BMS (Battery Management System), by using contactors 3 times thicker than on a traditional battery, and by totally eliminating the cables inside the battery.
By lowering the resistance, the temperature drops. But Gen Energy didn’t stop there. Because by controlling the temperature of the battery, it was now possible to increase its power.

Thus, Gen Energy developed a 14.4V 15A range (160Wh, 195Wh, 290Wh), then a 14.4V 22A 290Wh battery.

By combining 2 batteries 290Wh 14.4V 22A to the G-PB48 coupler, coming out of the 48V, it is now possible to power an Arri SkyPanel S60 or S120 at full power (430W). A world first with 14.4V batteries.

At the end of year 2020, Gen Energy strikes again with a new battery: the Monster 390Wh 14.4V 26A. This is the most powerful 14.4V battery with the largest capacity ever created.

By coupling 2 Monsters to the G-PB48, you can supply full power :
- One Arri SkyPanel S30 for 3h40,
- One Arri SkyPanel S60 or S120 for 1h50,
- One Arrival Orbiter for 1h30.

Gen Energy is currently working on the development of a new 12.5A G-PB48 coupler (currently limited to 10A) to power, for example, a Nanlite Forza500 at full power, and possibly eventually an Aputure LS 600D.