Introducing DoP Marco Graziaplena, newcomer to the AFC

By Renato Berta, AFC, and Laurent Tangy, AFC

par Renato Berta, Laurent Tangy Contre-Champ AFC n°354

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DoP Marco Graziaplena was recently admitted to the association as an active member. Renato Berta, AFC, and Laurent Tangy, AFC, share below their introduction as written in support of his application for membership.

Introducing Marco Graziaplena, by Renato Berta, AFC
I met Marco Graziaplena while shooting L’Envol by Pietro Marcello. I wasn’t available for that film, but I was able to attend the shooting of several sequences, and I saw Marco at work.
It wasn’t always an easy shoot, with unstable photographic variables that couldn’t always be controlled, such as the daylight that had to be dealt through the course of the day.
I think Marco handled himself very well during shooting and the cinematographic result on screen is very interesting. I think Marco Graziaplena can become a part of the AFC on account of his professionalism and his ability to work in tandem with a director.

Introducing Marco Graziaplena, by Laurent Tangy, AFC
This note is to introduce Marco Graziaplena, whom you already know, a cinematographer who wishes to join the AFC.
Marco has had a solid career as a camera assistant, cameraman, and cinematographer, in both France and Italy.
I began to work with him on La French. Cédric Jimenez wanted to shoot with two cameras and I found in Marco a wonderful camera operator and a very good friend. We subsequently worked together on HHhH and Bac Nord.
Marco has since become a DoP with a formidable cinematography to his credit. I support his application.

(The thumbnail image above is a cropped image from L’Envol by Pietro Marcello, cinematography by Marco Graziaplena)