Paris Images Trade Show n°5

La Lettre AFC n°282

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The fifth annual Paris Images Trade Show (PITS) will feature four events from 22 January to 10 February that are designed to promote all aspects of French audiovisual and cinematographic production : Paris Images Digital Summit, Paris Images Location Expo, Paris Images Cinema, and AFC Micro Salon Show.

Their complementary themes will feature digital creation and VFX, sets and locations, the role that France plays in the production and fabrication of foreign films, and technological innovations in the fields of cinematographic images and sound. As it continues to broaden its scope of the role France plays in economic exchanges, technical innovations, and artistic influences on foreign cinematographies, the country that PITS will honor this year will be the United States.

22-23 January 2018

24 January 2018

24-27 January 2018

9-10 February 2018

PITS Supporters and Partners : CNC, Ficam, CST, Film France, Mairie de Paris
Media Partners : Bellefaye, Ciné Chronicle, Ecran Total, Le Film français, Mediakwest, Paris fait son cinéma, Transfuge, Version Originale