Renewal of the Board officers of the AFC for 2023

Contre-Champ AFC n°341

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Following the Ordinary General Assembly of the AFC, which took place in the Salle Demy of La Fémis, Saturday the 19th of March 2023, during which its Board was renewed, the Bureau was also renewed on the 3rd of April. Claire Mathon has been re-elected as Co-President of the AFC, that she shares this year with Jean-Marie Dreujou.

Composition of the Bureau

  • Claire Mathon, Co-President
  • Jean-Marie Dreujou, Co-President
  • Nathalie Durand, attached to the Presidency
  • Gilles Porte, attached to the Presidency
  • Yves Cape, Treasurer
  • Baptiste Magnien, General Secretary
  • Pascale Marin, Coordinator of the Relations with the Associates Members.

Others Members of the Boad
- Gertrude Baillot,
- Lucie Baudinaud,
- Michel Benjamin,
- Hazem Berrabah,
- Rémy Chevrin,
- Thomas Favel,
- Fabrizio Fontemaggi,
- Agnès Godard,
- Jean-François Hensgens,
- Romain Lacourbas,
- Guillaume Le Grontec,
- Vincent Mathias,
- Steeven Petitteville,
- Aymerick Pilarski.