Report on Camerimage 2019

By Jean-Marie Dreujou, AFC

par Jean-Marie Dreujou

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I was a member of the jury for the Directors’ Debuts Competition, which features first and second films, at Camerimage this year, alongside Rob Epstein (Jury President), director, screenwriter, and producer, and Jan Roelfs, production designer, who received the Camerimage Award for Production Designer With Unique Visual Sensitivity this year.

Ten films were selected in our section, they were screened at Cinema City, which is a multiplex located next to the Festival Hall, but which is unfortunately outfitted with silver screens. This problem should be solved in time for next year’s festival.
We gave the Award to Paxton Winters for his film Pacified, with cinematography by Laura Merman’s, who received the Cinematographers’ Debuts Award. Pacified is a first film whose storytelling, directing, staging and image are all perfectly done. I hope you’ll have the opportunity to see it in theaters soon.

Paxton Winters et Rob Epstein
Photo Jean-Marie Dreujou
Paxton Winters et Laura Merians
Photo Jean-Marie Dreujou

As each year, the Camerimage festival is a very friendly place where everyone gladly socializes with the other attendees. It’s so nice to converse with our associate members, to meet new colleagues from all over the globe, and to strengthen our ties with old acquaintances.
This year, we had many discussions about our working conditions and about how to preserve and restore our images, because these problems are often the same for cinematographers all over the world. Because Imago has become the International Federation of Cinematographers, I am sure that we will all join forces to work together.
On the evening of the festival’s opening ceremony, Kees van Oostrum, the president of the ASC, announced that the ASC will be joining Imago. The AFC is also in discussions to join Imago. To be continued…