Staying Safe on Set with Sony Venice Remote Operation Cinematography

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A guide to how technology can support social distancing for film and TV production.

Our intention with this content is to help inform conversations between the production company, the rental house, and crew. We believe the latest tried and tested production technology can help talent, operators, and all production workers create the space they need from each other to stay safe and well on set. Much of this technology has been available and in use prior to the Covid-19 pandemic but with careful planning and preparation takes on a new purpose and relevance.

There is no doubt that Covid-19 protocols slow down the production day through necessary health checks, the use of PPE, and other imperatives. However, the technology for remote operation is designed to enhance production flexibility with adaptable configurations and speed of set-ups once on set. Also, while primarily focused on Sony’s Venice digital cinematography camera, many of these technologies apply equally well to other cameras and camcorders.

The Venice Remote Operation Cinematography Guide
This guide covers Sony and third-party products and solutions for the most complete picture of today’s remote operation technology. Key topics include remote camera control by wired and wireless options, latest developments in “RF village” workflows, highest quality 4K HDR on-set monitoring, remote camera deployment/tracking, and more.