Zeiss at Camerimage 2023

par Zeiss

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As usual, Zeiss will be welcoming festival-goers to its booth in the CKK Jordanki. While the latest Zeiss optics will be on show, it will also be possible to discover the new Zeiss CinCraft Scenario camera tracking system mounted on an Alexa 35 and with a live compositing preview via Unreal Engine.

The Zeiss Seminar will take place on Tuesday November 14, from 2:00 pm to 3:30 pm, in the Seminar Room.

The modern relationship between the old and the new, in All of Us Strangers, with cinematographer Jamie D. Ramsay, SASC, gaffer Warren Ewen, and colorist Joseph Bicknell (subject to change).

In All of Us Strangers, written and directed by Andrew Haigh, and selected in the Main Competition at Camerimage, the protagonist, whilst being an orphan, goes back to his parents’ home and reconnects with them, in an uncertain place between reality, dream, and fantasy.
To support this narrative and convey such ambiguous feelings, cinematographer Jamie D. Ramsay, SASC, chose to shoot analog. He explains, “film represents an organic feeling of nostalgia, which we wanted to juxtapose with digital technology, one of its instances being the use of LEDs background. It was meant to perpetuate the sense of not quite being real, not quite being a dream.”

Together with his long-standing collaborator Warren Ewen, Jamie will detail how virtual production and other combinations of traditional tools and cutting-edge technologies helped tell the film’s story.

Will be present during the Festival :

  • Matyas Podstransky : November 9-18
  • Benjamin Hagen : November 10-15
  • Andreas Horn : November 10-18
  • Christophe Casenave : November 12-19
  • Christoph Riess : November 12-16
  • Jonathan Demuth : November 12-16
  • Marco Auricchio : November 15-19
  • Jacques Bouley : November 11-18 (+33 7 88 42 63 82)
  • Sundeep Reddy : November 11-18
  • Tony Wisniewski : November 11-18
  • Hélène de Roux : November 11-18 (+33 6 84 21 14 83).