AFC-related activities

Cinematographer Christophe Beaucarne, AFC, SBC, dicusses his work on Nicole Garcia’s film "From the Land of the Moon"

Interviews at Cannes

Nicole Garcia ’s latest feature is an adaptation of the eponym novel written by the Italian Milena Agus: From the Land of the Moon. While she is no stranger to the Croisette with films like 15 Août, The Adversary, According to Charlie, From the Land of the Moon is in competition for the 69th Festival’s Palme d’Or. For the cinematography of her 8th film, Nicole Garcia called upon Christophe Beaucarne, AFC, SBC, and loyal partner of Jaco Van Doermel, Mathieu Amalric or Anne Fontaine. (BB

Cinematographer Claire Mathon, AFC, discusses her work on Alain Guiraudie’s film “Staying Vertical”

Interviews at Cannes

Filming nature and man’s relationship to it is one of the bases of Alain Guiraudie’s filmography. After Stranger by the Lake, which won the prize for Best Director at Un certain regard at Cannes in 2013, the director shot his fifth feature-length film in the Lozère, the Marais Poitevin, and Brest. Staying Vertical, a movie about wolves, paternity, and loss of status is in competition for the Golden Palm at the 69th annual Cannes Film Festival this year.

Cinematographer Guillaume Deffontaines, AFC, discusses his work on “Slack Bay”, a film by Bruno Dumont

Interviews at Cannes

After working on Camille Claudel 1915 and Le P’tit Quiquin, cinematographer Guillaume Deffontaines, AFC, once again teams up with Bruno Dumont on Slack Bay, in Official Compeition at the 69th Cannes Film Festival. Guillaume Deffontaines has worked with the Larrieu brothers and Michel Leclerc a number of times, and recently filmed David Oeloffen’s movie Far From Men.

Cinematographer Robbie Ryan, BSC, ISC, discusses his work on "I, Daniel Blake", directed by Ken Loach

Interviews at Cannes

Robbie Ryan made a dazzling appearance in 2009 with the magnificent Fish Tank, directed by Andrea Arnold, and following a successful career shooting UK short films.
In 2011, he was won the Bronze Frog at Camerimage for Wuthering Heights, also directed by Andrea Arnold; they again have a film at Cannes this year. He has also shot three films for Ken Loach recently, and just finished the shoot of Yeh Din Ka Kissa (dir. Noah Baumbach) in New York – so definitely a DoP to watch…

AFC Micro Salon 2016 – Intense but Smooth


Having now reached the age of sixteen, the AFC Micro Salon is now in its best years! Mission accomplished once again, as the four levels of La fémis presented the skills and innovations of fifty-six of our attending associate members to the over 2,650 guests who attended the event.

Maps of each level of the AFC Micro Salon Show 2016


The 2016 AFC Micro Salon, which takes place on 5-6 February at La fémis in Paris, on three floors: the ground level, the first basement floor (level -1), and the 2nd floor. Access to all levels is via the central staircase inside the building. Below, you will find maps of the various exposition rooms and the location of each of the participating AFC associate members’ stands and a link toward the programme and schedule of the projections.

Registration for the 2016 Micro Salon


The AFC is pleased to announce its 16th annual Micro Salon Show, which will take place - from Friday 5 February 2016 - 10am to 8pm

  • to Saturday 6 February 2016 - 10am to 6pm
  • at La fémis (6, rue Francœur, Paris 18).

These two days dedicated to the tools and technologies used by cinematographers are traditionally a time when manufacturers, distributors, renting companies, suppliers, and end users come together for lively and collegial discussions regarding the latest innovations in the trade.

K5600 at Micro Salon 2016

Nos associés au Micro Salon

K5600 always believed in being close to the end-users and participating in exhibitions and Festivals is a great opportunity to exchange information and ideas. This often leads to new ideas for new products. The new Alpha 800W was born from some of these discussions over the years.

4th Annual Caméflex-AFC

Caméflex 2016

The Fourth Annual Caméflex-AFC will take place from 6-10 February 2016 in the Cinema Le Grand Action in Paris, and will honour Iranian cinematographer Mahmoud Kalari. Mahmoud Kalari, born in Teheran in 1951, films three, four, or even six films a year with a simple style and small budgets, in a country, Iran, where the lack of resources hasn’t stopped the blossoming of cinematographic talents recognized the world over.

Interview with cinematographer Mátyás Erdély, HSC, about his work on Laszlo Nemes’s "Son of Saul"

Interviews at Camerimage

In a filmed interview, cinematographer Mátyás Erdély, HSC, discusses his work on the film Hrútar (Son of Saul), by Laszlo Nemes, presented in Camerimage’s Main Competition. His long collaboration with the direcor, the locations, the evidence of film, the laboratory, the camera tests, the narrative focus about, his lighting approach, etc.

Interview with cinematographer André Szankowski, AFC, AIP, about "Cosmos", directed by Andrzej Żuławski

Interviews at Camerimage

Born in Brazil in 1979, and a citizen of the world, having lived in the USA, England, Portugal and France, Andre Szankowski, AFC, AIP, also has Polish roots (his father). For his first invitation to attend Camerimage, he will present Cosmos, the new film by Franco-Polish director Andrzej Żuławski. Get to know this trilingual cinematographer with an international career.