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RED Digital Cinema launches Super35 version of V-Raptor and V-Raptor XL cameras

Digital Cameras

RED Digital Cinema® has officially announced the availability of the V-Raptor 8K S35 and V-Raptor XL 8K S35 featuring RED’s powerful, new S35 sensor. The new 8K S35 sensor has the same fast cinema-quality sensor scan time as its 8K VV counterpart, which is twice as fast as previous generations while maintaining incredible dynamic range with 16.5+ stops and coverage for Super 35mm lenses.

The latest news from P+S Technik


Evolution 2X, the new adaption of the legend Kowa anamorphic lenses will soon have a new look! - P+S Technik will from now on offer rehousing for Hasselblad.

The Louma, the first remote-controlled crane head in the history of cinema

Grip and Cranes

Just as the Cinémathèque française is honoring Jean-Marie Lavalou, François Reumont, in this article, updates the terms he used to trace the Louma’s history in his Grip’s Guide to Filming (Guide Machinerie de la prise de vues), published in 2004 by Editions Dujarric (preface by Jean-Marie Lavalou and Alain Masseron). The text is followed by an interview published in 2005 in Le Technicien du film following the Academy Award of Merit given in Los Angeles, by a more personal contribution by the author, and by the aforementioned preface.

In the latest news from Exalux

Lighting and Power Equipment

In the latest news from Exalux, the Connect eTX4+, multi-universe wireless DMX transceiver for Connect+ ; Exatile: a luminous and connected tile ; Exoraa Gen2 : more powerful, more versatile ; the new DiY Lighting ranges are available at Maluna Lighting and Eurolight System. Discover our new products at the AFC Micro Salon Show, on 13th and 14th April.

FilmLight Colour Awards announced!

Digital Workflow

FilmLight, leader in colour management technology, has announced a new programme of awards which will honour colourists and the art of colour worldwide. The awards are being organised in association with professional bodies and are open to colourists using any grading technology, with the winners announced at EnergaCamerimage2021 in Poland.

Sony meets Caroline Champetier and Inès Tabarin to talk about "Annette", by Leos Carax

Technical stuff

On the occasion of the 74th Cannes Film Festival, Fabien Pisano, Sales Head for Southern Europe at Sony, had the honor of meeting Caroline Champetier, AFC, and Inès Tabarin, assistant cameraman, for a filmed interview, in English, about their work on "Annette", by Leos Carax, that she photographed. The film, shot in Sony Venice, opened the Festival and received the Best Director Award.

Bebob presents Sustainability Action Plan

Technical stuff

In order to meet the growing public interest in sustainability issues, Bebob decided to share deeper insights into the company’s engagement to environmental protection. Respect for the environment has played an important role for Bebob from the very beginning, but the company is continuously working hard to improve processes and thus to create more sustainable production and recycling chains.