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FilmLight Colour Awards: a Spotlight on colour grading for smaller budget productions

Laboratories, Post-production, VFX

Since the dawn of colour cinema, there has always been a demand for a skilled and sympathetic person to guide colour throughout a production. But, even today, while the director and cinematographer may be household names, the work of the colourist is often not recognised. In 2021, to correct this neglect of a vital talent in the overall creative team, the FilmLight Colour Awards were born.

"The Astronaut", directed by Nicolas Giraud, shot by Renaud Chassaing, AFC: From Limousin Station, France, towards the stars, in large format and with Zeiss Supreme Prime Radiance


A propulsion engineer at Ariane Group dreams of going into space. The European Space Agency didn’t want him at the time, so he’s building a capsule in the barn of his family’s farm. Is he nuts? Like the former astronaut who came out of retirement to advise him, the motley but determined team around him believes in him, in his talent and his discipline.

"Photon Path" and "Glossary"
A new tool to understand and teach how a digital image is processed

Technical stuff

The "Photon Path" directly linked to the glossary has become a very helpful tool to communicate among committee members and has triggered the creation of an educational application. The Imago Technical Committee is happy to share this work in progress diagram for comment and contributions from the community. Arri, FilmLight, RED, and Sony have contributed to this scheme and the definitions linked to it. The ITC is in the process of obtaining approval from other manufacturers.

Innport presents the new Velvet lights products: same fixtures, up to 96% more power

Lighting and Power Equipment

Since the beginning of this year 2023, the Spanish firm Velvet has decided to choose Innport as its exclusive distributor. Driven by a vision, the brand is constantly listening to consumers and improving its products to meet the growing needs of productions. This month, Velvet is revolutionizing its products by improving their performance: from 38% to 96% more powerful...and all this without changing its prices.

RED Digital Cinema launches Super35 version of V-Raptor and V-Raptor XL cameras

Digital Cameras

RED Digital Cinema® has officially announced the availability of the V-Raptor 8K S35 and V-Raptor XL 8K S35 featuring RED’s powerful, new S35 sensor. The new 8K S35 sensor has the same fast cinema-quality sensor scan time as its 8K VV counterpart, which is twice as fast as previous generations while maintaining incredible dynamic range with 16.5+ stops and coverage for Super 35mm lenses.

The latest news from P+S Technik


Evolution 2X, the new adaption of the legend Kowa anamorphic lenses will soon have a new look! - P+S Technik will from now on offer rehousing for Hasselblad.

The Louma, the first remote-controlled crane head in the history of cinema

Grip and Cranes

Just as the Cinémathèque française is honoring Jean-Marie Lavalou, François Reumont, in this article, updates the terms he used to trace the Louma’s history in his Grip’s Guide to Filming (Guide Machinerie de la prise de vues), published in 2004 by Editions Dujarric (preface by Jean-Marie Lavalou and Alain Masseron). The text is followed by an interview published in 2005 in Le Technicien du film following the Academy Award of Merit given in Los Angeles, by a more personal contribution by the author, and by the aforementioned preface.