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Thomas Hardmeier

Cinematographer Thomas Hardmeier, AFC, discusses his work on Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s film "Big Bug"
The husband, the ex-wife, and the cyborg

Jean-Pierre Jeunet directed his new film BigBug for streaming platform Netflix, nearly eight years after his last film, The Young and Prodigious T.S. Spivet. The latest film is an intimate combination of theater and classic Sci-Fi themes of confrontation between aliens and humans. Almost entirely set inside a futuristic suburban house, the film portrays a group of individuals who find themselves locked inside their automatic home as a result of a giant bug that seems to be affecting the entire planet. For this new film, Thomas Hardmeier, AFC, perfected a shooting strategy based almost entirely on the integration of the lighting into prop sources (with the collaboration of Aline Bonetto, set designer). A shoot that was almost entirely done in studio at Transpaset in Bry-sur-Marne, between September and December. (FR)
Thomas Hardmeier

Director of photography Thomas Hardmeier, AFC, talks about his work on "The Young and Prodigious T.S. Spivet", by Jean-Pierre Jeunet

The first time I met Jean-Pierre Jeunet to discuss his new film, he immediately told me that he was looking for someone who could help him evolve his taste for coloured and contrasted images. I was delighted to work inside of his universe which I love and which was an inspiration for I, Cesar, A Butterfly Kiss, and Les Tribulations d’une caissière.
Matthias Helldoppler

Director of photography Matthias Helldoppler speaks about the shooting of music video "Other Side”, by Rupert Höller
The Kinetics of Tree Trunks

A good music video is often based on a director’s idea. For “Other Side”, the title of the Austrian electronic music duo Camo & Crooked, director Rupert Höller decided to portray the strange adventure of a young woman aboard her motorhome, which she has parked at the edge of the forest.
In this music video, the lighting plays the same role as an actor in the scenography, offering some quiet fantastic nocturnal atmospheres. Austrian cinematographer Matthias Helldoppler tells us about his method for creating these plays of light... (FR)
Jean-François Hensgens
Lennert Hillege

Lennert Hillege, NSC, speaks about the challenges of shooting "Occupied City", by Steve McQueen
Time After Time, by François Reumont

British director and contemporary artist Steve McQueen presents with Occupied City an atypical film; altogether a tribute, a meditation on memory and archival work. This four hour documentary presented at Cannes draws a parallel between five years of German occupation in Amsterdam (with sound) and contemporary images of the pandemic filmed throughout a three year span. Dutch cinematographer Lennert Hillege, NSC, was in charge of the cinematography, shot on film. (FR)
Florian Hoffmeister

Cinematographer Florian Hoffmeister, BSC, discusses his work on the TV series “The Terror”

“The Terror” is a television series that lies somewhere between a historical study and a fantastic tale. It is an adaptation of Dan Simmons’ bestseller, which narrates the 1848 British expedition to the Arctic intended to locate the Northwest Passage. Both ships (the HMS Terror and Erebus) disappeared without a trace, providing the opportunity for Ridley Scott to explore a new variation on the theme he has been exploring since the first Alien movie, forty years ago. Florian Hoffmeister, BSC, was responsible for the cinematography on the series’ first episodes and therefore set the tone for the rest of the story, which is set in isolation between sea and ice. (FR)