3rd Caméflex – AFC

By Alain Coiffier, General Delegate

La Lettre AFC n°250

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The 3rd annual Caméflex festival will take place from 7-11 February 2015 at Cinéma Le Grand Action in Paris. This event entirely dedicated to the language of lighting was created two years ago. With the support of Jean-Pierre Garcia and Fabien Gaffez, the producers of the Amiens Festival, our intention was to recreate an event that hadn’t existed in France since the end of the Chalon Festival of Film Image.

We were able to pay a warm tribute to the great talent of Ricardo Aronovitch, AFC, ADF, and then to Denis Lenoir, AFC, ASC the following year, and organize a program of debates, retrospectives, and advance screenings dedicated to the language of lighting. As part of the event, we also implemented a discussion and idea-sharing forum between young directors who came to defend their projects before the Screenplay Assistance Fund and the attending members of the AFC.

Henceforth, Caméflex will take place in Paris. Beyond its beginning successes, the Caméflex-AFC discussions wish to pay special attention to the future pathways of a profession that must evolve along with the transformations of its own contours. Making a film will never be the same as it used to be. The digital revolution and the progressive abandonment of traditional film stock require us to deeply reflect upon the language of cinema. With Caméflex, AFC would like to actively and dynamically participate in the transmission of knowledge, which alone will be capable of preserving the heritage of all of the talents that have gone before us, thereby guaranteeing the continued existence of a cinema that brings dreams to everyone on a daily basis.

Cinephiles, students, and professionals all know the address of Cinéma Le Grand Action. It is the formidable crossroads of all the generations who will carry forth our ambitions into the future.
This year, Caméflex will pay tribute to Luciano Tovoli, AIC, ASC, the designer of the lighting on so many beloved masterpieces.

Luciano Tovoli, a film, a lighting…
Conditional upon the final selection and the timely delivery of the reels, the following films will be screened (amongst others) :
- We Won’t Grow Old Together, by Maurice Pialat (1972)
- The Passenger, by Michelangelo Antonioni (1975)
- The Tartar Steppe, by Valerio Zurlini (1976)
- Suspiria, by Dario Argento (1977)
- Bye Bye Monkey, by Marco Ferreri (1978)
- The General of the Dead Army, by Luciano Tovoli (1983), cinematography by Giuseppe Tinelli and Luciano Tovoli
- Single White Female, by Barbet Schroeder (1992), with Bridget Fonda, Jennifer Jason Leigh, and Steven Weber
- Titus, by Julie Taymor (1999), with Anthony Hopkins and Jessica Lange.
- How Strange to be Named Federico, by Ettore Scola (2013).

Caméflex will also host young directors who are graduates of prestigious film schools from around the world and will screen the films they directed for their final projects before graduation. They will be accompanied by their directors of photography. These six short films were selected for the quality of their directing by a jury at the San Sebastian festival, which this year was presided by Laurent Cantet, and in the name of the AFC, for the quality of their image, by Pascal Ridao and Philippe Van Leeuw. They will be presented and sponsored by members of the association.

A Master Class moderated by Dominique Maillet, a guest chosen by Luciano Tovoli, an advance screening of a film shot by a member of the AFC, will all round out the program, the details of which we shall provide you with shortly.

*Caméflex is the name of the legendary camera invented in France in 1947 by André Coutant and Jacques Mathot for the Eclair Company. The ease of handling the Caméflex revolutionized cinematography. It was adopted in the 1960s by the directors of the New Wave, and later by directors such as Orson Welles or Stanley Kubrick.

Rencontres Caméflex 2015
Tribute to Luciano Tovoli
A Film, A Lighting…
From 7 - 11 February 2015.
Cinéma Le Grand Action
5, rue des Ecoles - Paris 5e.