ACS France : recent Open Doors and film release

par ACS France La Lettre AFC n°243

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ACS France recent news is about the follow up of the “Open Doors” and the release of the movie Bird People, directed by Pascale Ferran and selected at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival to which our team cooperated.

Meeting at ACS France
In April, we have opened our doors to our trading partners and clients for a brunch together with our team. All along this meeting, our experts in aerial and special shots had the opportunity to present our main systems : Cablecam, Cineflex, Stab C, Super G, Polecam, JimmyJib, etc.
About fifty people were present among whom Directors of photography from the AFC.

Film release
After being presented at the Cannes Film Festival, the feature film Bird People directed by Pascale Ferran and photographed by Julien Hirsch, AFC, will be released on June 4th. ACS France provided the Stab C gyro-stabilized head.

We will have to wait until July 23rd for the release of the movies Jupiter Ascending and Les Francis. For the first film, ACS France was in Island with the helicopter equipped with the Shotover and in Bilbao with the Super G and for the second film, we have equipped the helicopter with the Super G for a shooting in Bonifacio (Corsica).