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20 Years, 230 feature films & series, more than 60 countries crossed, talented production crews… an adventure that keeps going ! Meet or join our team for our open doors on the 6th of April !

Open Doors :
You had the chance to discover and try our (new) systems, such as :
- The electric TwizyCam with Black-Arm & Shotover G1,
- Our Alta 8&6 drones with MOVI Pro & MOVI 15 heads (pilots licenced in France & Belgium),
- A new RC electric quad,
- Our gyrostabilised head Shotover F1 & K1,
- Our brand new cable travelling Aercam !

The Aercam, ACS France new system :

"Package" Aercam avec Shotover G1
"Package" Aercam avec Shotover G1

From May, you will access to our new film cable camera package with the Aercam and Shotover G1. Extremely simple and quick to set-up (no ground-based winches), the Aercam can stabilise and fly your camera horizontally on a distance reaching 300m with speeds up to 55km/h. It is compatible with a large choice of cameras (Alexa Mini, Red Series …) and fixed lenses or short zooms such as the Angénieux 14-40, 28-76 etc. Camera controls are included. More details here : http://www.aerial-france.fr/upload/ACS France/Aercam Fr.pdf.

Our latest projects
We worked on many corporate or television projects these recent weeks, while preparing a few big feature films. A 2 Axis Cablecam in Belgium, the Speedtrack Suspended for the Dior Show in Paris, the Shotover G1 on a travelling car for a PSA commercial with Sebastien Leob…

Speedtrack et Shotover G1
Speedtrack et Shotover G1
Cablecam 2 axes et Shotover G1
Cablecam 2 axes et Shotover G1

Movies released in april
- A Bras Ouverts, directed by Philippe de Chauveron and hot by Philippe Guilbert, to be released on the 5th of April 2017. We were involved in the aerial images, shot in Belgium & Romania, with our -25Kg cinema drone (Alta 6, fixed lens & and compact zoom).

Drone Alta 6 en Roumanie
Drone Alta 6 en Roumanie

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