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David Watkin – 1925-2008
by Marc Salomon, AFC consultant member

In memory of

He was associated with the renewal of British cinematography in the 1960’s, along with his colleagues Walter Lassaly, Billy Williams and Chris Menges - all of whom had done their apprenticeship outside the traditional path of assisting and operating – when he started working with Richard Lester and Tony Richardson for Woodfall Film Productions *. Watkin quickly imposed a new way of lighting, favoring indirect light, broad and diffuse sources, and backlighting, which would quickly become his trademark.

David Watkin
par Marc Salomon

In memory of

Nous avons appris le décès du directeur de la photographie britannique David Watkin, le 19 février dernier. Il était âgé de 82 ans.
Marc Salomon, membre consultant de l’AFC, nous en dresse un portrait particulièrement documenté et passionnant.

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by David Moreau
Produced by Echo Films, Scope Pictures, Studiocanal
Cinematography by

Nicolas Loir, AFC