HD and Air Brush

by Sophie Landry, make up artist

par Claude Garnier La Lettre AFC n°174

[ English ] [ français ]

I recently met Sophie Landry, chief makeup artist, with whom I had the pleasure of working on the film by Jean-Marc Moutout, where I was able to appreciate her talent and experience. She shared with me the concern of certain makeup artists about an over-simplification that might come to light in the world of HD.
We met again during the presentation of the Sony F23 camera at the Espace Cardin in Paris, and it occurred to me that an article in the AFC Newsletter by a specialist in the field would be a good idea, so that we might shed light on a subject that is dear to us all : "makeup".
(Claude Garnier, AFC)

On January 14, 2008, I had the opportunity, with Jacques Clemente and several chief makeup artists, to attend the screening of a short film shot with the F23 Sony camera, the film showed actors made up using the "Air Brush" (a tool that pulverizes the product) and it was stated that "Air Brush" is the most successful technique for HD…

It seems to me that a clarification is needed, because you can then argue that Air Brush makeup is essential for shooting in HD… and it’s a small step to throwing out your sponges and brushes.

Admittedly, some are already using this device to make up actors… But there are others who categorically refuse to be made up with this system, preferring the traditional way, all the more so because, since the beginning of cinema, professional makeup brands have always known how to become compatible with new technologies, in the same way they will adapt or have already done so, to digital.

The Air Brush, which is no substitute for "the art of makeup", is merely a simple tool to be appreciated as such, and should in no circumstances be regarded as a plus for digital. Besides, isn’t it finally time to restore the dialogue between cinematographers and makeup artists so as to get the best results ?

Translations by Benjamin and Kim B