The Patience Stone

Syngué sabour – Pierre de patience

Paru le La Lettre AFC n°228 Autres formats

[English] [français]

For the release in France of The Patience Stone by Atiq Rahimi, director of photography Thierry Arbogast, AFC speakes about his work on this film with François Reumont for the AFC.



Operator : (of Iranian descent) : Saba Mazloum
1st assistant director : Vincent Canaple
Moroccan Team


Camera : Vantage Films (Arri Alexa ProRes and anamorphic Hawk V-Lite 1.3x Squeeze lenses)
Equipment for the part filmed in Afghanistan : Canon 5D, anamorphic lenses by Isco Göttingen 50 mm f2.8 Iscorama, Nikon lenses and zooms.
Electrical equipment supplied in Morocco
Digital lab in Berlin