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The Twizy-Cam, our latest projects and film released the recent activity of ACS France !

Twizy-Cam & Shotover G1
Presented during the AFC Micro Salon, the Twizy-Cam is a very practical 100% electric vehicle which has been adapted for your shot requirements. Very compact (only 1m25 wheelbase) and functional, it the ideal equipment for your stabilised travelling shot. We proposed a package with our gyrostabilised head (Shotover G1 or F1) which can be fitted with a large choice of cameras and lenses, up to the Angénieux 25-250mm or Fuji 25-300.

Main features :
- 0 to 50 km/h in 5 seconds
- Max. speed 100km/h
- 50 to 70 km autonomy
- Quick set-up
- Many rig positions (Front/Back/Side)
- Optical axis from ground to 2m.

Demo with the Shotover G1


Our last projects
One week shoot in the south of France with our partners, in particular in Alpes mountain snow. Another great configuration for our Shotover G1 & Black-Arm on a Polaris RZR ; helicopter images with the Shotover F1 (Red Dragon and Angénieux 25-250).

Movies released in France in February
- RAID Dingue, directed by Dany Boon and shot by Denis Rouden, AFC, will be released on the 1st of February. We did the drone aerials in the Parisian region last May with our -14kg drone flying the Alexa Mini, our aerial DoP Steve Desbrow was operating.

- L’Ascension, if you have no watched it yet, it was released on the 25th of January ! It was a great pleasure to participate in this venture in high mountain, where we shot the helicopter aerials with the Shotover F1 (Red Epic & Angénieux19.5-94).

Other and next Show :
- BSC Show / 3&4 of February 2017 – ACS France was participating this year again with our local partners. Our helicopter equipment, Shotover F1 & K1, is operational in London as well through our local subsidiary. Lately, we have coordinated all the aerials in England for Transformers V (Michael Bay).

Open house – 6th of April 2017, 10pm-3am
This year, ACS France celebrates its 20 years of existence – 20 years that you have been giving us your trust. We can’t wait to welcome you to our annual open doors, inscriptions are now open :