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The AFC at Cannes 2008
by Dominique Bouilleret, AFC and Jean-Noël Ferragut, AFC

Cannes Film Festival 2008

From Wednesday May 14th to Saturday May 24th, the new Image Pavilion marked the AFC’s presence at the 61st edition of the Cannes Film Festival. The Image Pavilion was made possible by the financial support of some of our associate members: Agfa, Cininter, Fujifilm, K5600, Kodak, Mikros Image, Panavision, Quinta and TSF. We would like to express our hearty thanks, with a special mention of our three "film stock fairy godmothers" who facilitated the lodging of AFC DPs. The Image Pavilion was also made possible by the generosity and dedication of AFC members.

The Classroom
directed by Laurent Cantet, cinematography by Pierre Milon, AFC

Cannes Film Festival 2008

Awarded the Palme d’Or at the 2008 Cannes Film Festival

Pierre Milon, AFC, was in the penultimate class of the IDHEC, the French national film school that was the ancestor of the Femis. Among his classmates was director Dominik Moll. Milon lit Moll’s first film, Intimacy.

Milon quickly began working as a cinematographer on documentaries and short films. His transition to fiction came when director Philippe Faucon entrusted him with lighting three television films. Since then he has worked with Eric Zonca (The Little Thief), Lucas Belvaux (The Trilogy and The Right of the Weakest), and Robert Guédiguian (Lady Jane). He came to the Cannes Festival this year with The Classroom, his third feature film with Laurent Cantet.

directed by Raphael Nadjari, cinematography by Laurent Brunet, AFC

Cannes films festival 2007

Raphaël Nadjari and Laurent Brunet worked together for the first time in 1998. It was their first experience, respectively as a director and a photographer. The Shade was selected for the Un Certain Regard section at the Cannes Film Festival.
Tehilim (Psalms) marks the fifth collaboration of a duo who never parted since and now ends up on the Croisette. Entirely shot in Jerusalem and in hebrew, Tehilim tells of the mysterious disappearance of a father that leaves the family dumbfounded.

directed by Jane Birkin, cinematography by François Catonné, AFC

Cannes films festival 2007

A story about boxes: boxes to put away our memories, boxes to transport them, boxes that sit in the middle of the living-room, waiting to be eventually unpacked. All these memory boxes were being staged by Jane Birkin. Loads of actors accompanied her on this journey, into the past, into the present. A single location – a family house in Brittany – and Jane as herself, in her own house.
François Catonné, AFC, was among those who embarked on this ever so personal and timeless journey with her.

L’Avocat de la terreur (Terror’s Advocate)
directed by Barbet Schroeder, cinematography by Caroline Champetier, AFC

Cannes films festival 2007

L’Avocat de la terreur was shot discontinuously over several months.
With the ongoing investigation, informations would keep coming in, which made for incredibly suspenseful meetings and constantly provoked new encounters.
Two lengthy interviews were conducted with Jacques Vergès at a few months interval, but the high point of the shooting was the trip to Algiers.

Camerimage 2006, the 14th Edition


The 14th edition of Camerimage - the world-largest festival awarding cinematographers and directors of photography - starts on November 25th. This year the festival is offering 3 competitions.

John Mathieson, BSC Best Cinematography Award 2006

BSC Awards

During its Annual General Meeting on Sunday 9th April 2006, the BSC was delighted to announce the winner of the Best Cinematography Award for 2006 : John Mathieson, BSC for Phantom of The Opera directed by Joel Schumacher.
The award will be presented at the BSC Operators Night Dinner on Friday 8th December 2006.

The AFC at Cannes 2005

Cannes film festival 2005

A daily column was put on line on our site www.afcinema.com during the entire Festival.
Nathalie d’Outreligne and AFC directors of photography will be present at Cannes during the entire time and will welcome you at the Panitiero International Village, in the booth of the French National Film Commission.
The jury of the Caméra d’Or will be presided this year by Abbas Kiarostami. He will be shouldered by Romain Winding, AFC, Patrick Chamoiseau, writer, Malik Chibane, director, Scott Foudas, critic, Luc Pourrinet, Arane-Gulliver Laboratory, Roberto Turigliatto, Turin Festival, Yves Allion, critic.

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