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André Turpin

Cinematographer André Turpin discusses his work on Xavier Dolan’s film "It’s Only the End of the World"

Quebecer André Turpin combines the roles of director of photography, director and screenwriter. Endorphin, his last film, was recently released in Canada. His career as a cinematographer relies on his loyal collaboration with Denis Villeneuve for August 32nd on Earth, Maelstrom (Jutra for Best Cinematography) and Incendies (Genie and Jutra Awards for Best Cinematography). Since Tom at the Farm, André Turpin has been working with the young Quebecois director Xavier Dolan. He was the cinematographer for It’s Only the End of the World, the sixth feature by the most prolific director of this 69th annual Cannes Film Festival, in competition for the Golden Palm. (BB)
André Turpin

Conversation with cinematographer André Turpin about "Mommy", directed by Xavier Dolan

André Turpin is a director of photography, filmmaker and scriptwriter from Quebec. In 1995 he produces his first film, Zigrail, followed by Cosmos, a year later. In 2002 he receives the Jutra Award and the Genie Award for the best production, the best script and the best photographic direction for his third feature film, Un crabe dans la tête (Soft Shell Man).
Kasper Tuxen

Kasper Tuxen, DFF, discusses the shooting of "The Worst Person in the World", by Joachim Trier
The 12 Labors of Kasper, by François Reumont for the AFC

At the Grand Théâtre Lumière, Joachim Trier delivered the portrait of a woman over the course of seven years, from her graduation from university to her thirtieth birthday. This is The Worst Person in the World, played by the wonderful Renate Reinsve, surrounded by Herbert Nordrum and Anders Danielsen Lie, in fourteen tableaux (including prologue and epilogue) of a modern and touching romance. Danish cinematographer Kasper Tuxen, DFF, has teamed up on this project with his Norwegian neighbors to film this bittersweet love story. (FR)
Kasper Tuxen

Cinematographer Kasper Tuxen, speaks about his work on Gus Van Sant’s “The Sea of Trees”
Lost in a Forest

If Danish cinematographer Kasper Tuxen’s resume is above all filled with prestigious advertising credits (Louis Vuitton featuring David Bowie, Hennessy, BMW…), he has also already lit two feature films (Beginners by Mike Mills and M. Blash’s The Wait). After first working with director Gus Van Sant on a television series (Boss), he is currently responsible for the images of The Sea of Trees, a mysterious forest tale of survival in which Oscar-winning actor Matthew McConaughey rubs shoulders with the most American of Japanese actors, Ken Watanabe.