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Rosco / DMG at Camerimage 2021

Nos associés à Camerimage

Our Rosco / DMG team will be present in numbers, from Novembre 15 to 19, 2021, at the EnergaCamerimage 29th edition, and will lead two conferences: one about the Rosco SoftDrop backgrounds, and the other on LEDs and workflow.

Zeiss at Camerimage 2021

Nos associés à Camerimage

Zeiss will be present at the Camerimage 2021 festival on the Market where its team will welcome visitors, and with a conference in which two young women directors of photography will explain how Zeiss optics have helped them to put into images the stories they have helped to tell.

Director Guillaume de Fontenay and cinematographer Pierre Aïm, AFC, discuss shooting “Sympathy for the Devil” during a Q&A Session at Camerimage
By Margot Cavret

Camerimage 2020

A short time before the start of the Camerimage Film Festival, at which Sympathy for the Devil was selected in the Director’s Debuts Competition, cinematographer Pierre Aïm (winner of the Grenouille d’or in 1995 for La Haine) granted the AFC an interview about his work on that film. During the festival, he reminisced about his experience during a Q&A session held right after a Q&A by the film’s director, Guillaume de Fontenay.

Conversation with Philippe Rousselot, AFC, ASC
Chinese Luck

Camerimage interviews

On the occasion of his being awarded a lifetime achievement award, Philippe Rousselot, AFC, ASC, answered questions from Jean-Marie Dreujou, Caroline Champetier, and Denis Lenoir. During their conversation, which was broadcast live on the 2020 Camerimage Festival’s online platform, they discussed the start of his career in France and abroad, including his work with Nestor Almendros. In keeping with his relaxed attitude and straight-talking approach, this recipient of three César awards and one Oscar delighted his colleagues with many memories from shoots and a discussion of the risks a DP sometimes has to take, and the opportunities he has to seize, on set. (FR)

Director of photography Andrew Droz Palermo explains the shooting of "Good Luck", music video of Broken Bells band
Laser Beams

Camerimage interviews

Among the music videos in competition this year at Camerimage, one of them definitely gives light a leading role. "Good Luck", from the group Broken Bells tells the run away of a young boy who gets bored at home and starts meeting people who seem a bit like him, shining from inside. Andrew Droz Palermo tells us how this original music video was made. (FR)

Fred Elmes, ASC, speaks about his work on the "Hunters" series’ pilot, directed by Alfonso Gomez-Rejon
Al Pacino vs. the 4th Reich

Camerimage interviews

Available on Amazon Prime Video, "Hunters" is one of the flagship programs of year 2020 for Jeff Bezos’ platform. Produced by Jordan Peele (Get Out), and written by David Weil, this 10-episodes series is a kind of homage to B cinema. The premise: a Nazi hunt in New York City in the 70’s, led by Al Pacino. Somewhere between extreme violence and humor. Fred Elmes, ASC, has lensed this pilot, picked up from the Fist Look - TV Pilots section at Camerimage 2020. (FR)

Peter Deming, ASC, speaks about the shooting of "The Good Lord Bird", by Albert Hughes
Gunfights, Bible and Daguerreotypes

Camerimage interviews

Produced and starring actor Ethan Hawke in a state of grace, The Good Lord Bird is a Showtime set just before the Civil War.
Albert Hughes (who directed Menace II Society, with his twin brother Allen) directed the pilot, while Peter Deming, ASC (Lost Highway, Mulholland Drive...) shot the seven episodes. He spoke with us about this film shot in Virginia, and which proposes a simultaneously modern and classic vision of a Western.(FR)

Nicolaj Brüel, DFF, speaks about the shooting of "Pinocchio", by Matteo Garrone
A Romantic Pinocchio

Camerimage interviews

After Dogman, in 2018, the Roman director Matteo Garonne once again teams up with Danish cinematographer Nicolaj Brüel, DFF, on a new adaptation of Carlo Collodi’s popular tale Pinocchio. In this adaptation Garonne’s passion for the marvelous is obvious – it was already present in Tale of Tales, 2015, with a parade of characters and places that transpose the children’s tale into a world sometimes close to German romanticism. Pinocchio is selected in the main competition at the Camerimage 2020 festival. (FR)

Director of photography Charlotte Bruus Christensen speaks about the shooting of "The Banker", by George Nolfi
Heist without guns

Camerimage interviews

Adapted from a true story, The Banker is directed by George Nolfi (screenwriter of Ocean’s Twelve and The bourne Ultimatum). This movie tells the uncommon journey of Bernard Garrett and Joe Morris, two black businessmen who eventually bought banks in Texas and democratized loans for the Afro-American community in the late 50’s. Written as a heist film with an Hitchcockian visual tone, Charlotte Bruus Christensen signs the image of this Apple TV production. (FR)

Interview with cinematographer Aurélien Marra about "Two of Us", by Filippo Meneghetti

Camerimage interviews

Selected in competition in Camerimage in the "Cinematographer’s Debuts" and "Director’s Debuts" categories, which are open to first and second films, Two of Us, by Filippo Meneghetti, tells the turbulent love affair between two retired women. At once a romance, a drama, and even at times a thriller, this film was cinematographer Aurélien Marra’s second feature film. The film is mainly set under the autumn sun in the south of France, with interiors shot in studio in Luxembourg. (FR)

Interview with Pierre Aïm, AFC, about his work on "Sympathy for the Devil", by Guillaume de Fontenay
Retrun to Sarajevo

Camerimage interviews

Pierre Aïm undertook a very realistic reconstruction of Sarajevo for Sympathy for the Devil, the first film by Guillaume de Fontenay (Quebec director who started his career in the theatre). The film, released in Paris in late 2019, was selected at Camerimage this year in the “Director’s Debut” competition. Here, he discusses his influences for this film, fake wartime reporting and cigar smoke…

Marcel Zyskind, DFF, speaks about his work on "Falling", by Viggo Mortensen
Father’s Day

Camerimage interviews

Marcel Zyskind is a Danish cinematographer who has often worked with British director Michael Winterbottom. He has also shot several documentaries, clips and advertising campaigns. He became close with Viggo Mortensen during their shared experiences on The Two Faces of January, a film by Hossein Amini (the screenwriter of Drive), and the international star actor chose him to be the DoP for Falling, his first film as a director, in Camerimage’s Main Competition. This is a film that constantly oscillates between past and present in order to portray the complicated relationship between a son and his father. (FR)

Philippe Rousselot, AFC, ASC, honored at the 28th Camerimage Festival

Camerimage 2020

The Camerimage Festival (which will be called the EnergaCAMERIMAGE festival for another 3 years since Energa is its “strategic” sponsor) has announced that it will hold its 28th Annual Festival from 14-21 November 2020 and has provided information about how it will be organized in a hybrid fashion, both in Toruń (Poland) and online. Moreover, this year’s festival will honor Philippe Rousselot, AFC, ASC, who has been nominated for many prizes and who received an Academy Award®, a BAFTA Award, and three Césars.

Barry Ackroyd, BSC, pays tribute to the Aaton and to Jean-Pierre Beauviala at the Toute la mémoire du monde Festival

Cinémathèque française

The 2020 Toute la mémoire du monde Festival (4-8 March) paid tribute to Jean-Pierre Beauviala by screening Holy Motors, by Leos Carax, and The Hurt Locker, by Kathryn Bigelow, both of which were shot with Aaton cameras. Although Barry Ackroyd, BSC was unable to be present at the festival with Caroline Champetier, AFC to introduce The Hurt Locker, he sent her a speech that she read aloud before the screening.

Report on Camerimage 2019
By Jean-Marie Dreujou, AFC

Camerimage 2019

I was a member of the jury for the Directors’ Debuts Competition, which features first and second films, at Camerimage this year, alongside Rob Epstein (Jury President), director, screenwriter, and producer, and Jan Roelfs, production designer, who received the Camerimage Award for Production Designer With Unique Visual Sensitivity this year.